Woo Hoo! A Shoe!!!

I am finally wearing a regular tennis shoe!  Woot woot!

Last spring I suffered a soccer injury that resulted in the need for an operation to correct the problem.  So, over Christmas break, I had the operation done and have been wearing this fabulously, fashionable surgical shoe ever since. 

It even comes with its very own Velcro straps and 3 inch thick rubber sole.  Envious, right?  (I mean come on!  I’m already in pain!  Couldn’t they have at least made the shoe somewhat cute???) 

Not only did I get to wear this adorable footwear, but I’ve also been unable to work out!!!  My endorphins have started to run EXTRA low.  My patience has worn very thin, and I find that my new mantra has become, “I am patient.  I am kind.”  (And this is said with slight sarcasm; even when said mentally!)

 My energy has also plummeted.  By 2:30 I am craving large quantities of caffeine and chocolate, which I typically avoid unless it’s a special occasion  (well, I avoid the caffeine, not the chocolate)  And this endorphin crash has definitely evolved into a “special occasion.” 

 The cure… exercise (and sometimes chocolate)!

 Saturday I stuffed my still swollen and extra purple toes into the oldest, scraggliest running shoes I own. 

 (Ha!  Look how far the laces are stretched!)

Strangely, stuffed like sausages in the shoe, my foot immediately felt wonderful!  I’m not sure that my foot actually feels better, or if I just mentally feel better b/c I no longer have to walk around in that hideous monstrosity of a shoe any more!  Whatever works, right?

 So yesterday, two days after the shoe celebration, I decided to try a little workout.  The Fitnessista has just announced Winter Shape Up 2010.  I printed out her weekly workout, and began with the beginner moves that didn’t require extra pressure on my upper foot.  Not too shabby.  Then I did the moves from the Intermediate/Advanced section.  I did both circuits twice for a total of four circuits.  It took a total of 33 minutes.  All I needed were a set of hand weights, my kettle bell (I don’t have a medicine ball), and a mat!  


My muscles are sore, and each time I take a step, I ache just a little.  But it is a wonderful ache. 

And my mood!  My mood today was completely different.  I had more patience with my students.  I smiled more.  I had happy thoughts (except when the copier jammed 7 times while making one packet).  All in all it was a FANTASTIC day! 

Moral of this lesson: Exercise is a mood booster

When you are super tired and all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch endless reruns of Gilmore Girls, get off the couch and move.  It will lift your mood.  It will lift your energy.  And it will make the next day much more tolerable!  Doesn’t it feel better to smile?!

Now I’m off to walk the dogs before a yummy dinner of Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos (recipe to come).  The doggies need some exercise, too! 

 What do you do for a mood booster?  Chocolate or Exercise??? 



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2 responses to “Woo Hoo! A Shoe!!!

  1. YES! i’m so glad you liked it 🙂

  2. I totally agree about exercise being a mood and energy booster! I started training for the 10K a week or so ago and I’m starting to feel fabulous! I’ve been really busy with work, my dog, boyfriend, and getting my Arbonne business off the ground, but even though I’m taking an extra hour or so a day to run, I feel like I have more energy to get everything done! 🙂

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