I can not stand it any longer!  Larry and I have recently purchased a complete P90X kit from the internet, and we are patiently awaiting its arrival.  Every day the mail lady comes and I watch her like a stalker from the window upstairs. 

What is P90X you say?  Well, apparently, it is a 13 disc DVD collection of workouts that are designed to help you get “ripped” in just 90 days!  Now, I’m pretty sure this is not 100% the case, but I’m willing to give it a shot!

I mean, HELLO!  Who wouldn’t want to look like this guy?!?!?!P90X - Jon C.Hehehe!  JK!

But, seriously.  Why am I so excited?  Well, for stalkers, uh, I mean starters I love working out with Larry.  I love working out from home.  And I LOVE workout DVDs.  Having this set in our living room also means no excuses for skipping out on the gym after a long day of work.

As I mentioned earlier I don’t entirely believe the hype surrounding this product, but I do think that anything new that gets you excited about working out again is well worth any money you might spend on it. 

It’s important to switch up your workout routine regularly so you don’t get bored.  A few summers back I was adamant about running as much as I possibly could.  After one very hot, very dedicated  week of running in 100 degree weather at the beach, I got burned out (almost literally!).  I didn’t run again for almost 6 months. 

But that’s OK, because during my running hiatus  I started taking classes at the gym and fell in love with Body Combat, spinning, and step aerobics (which I thought was for old ladies in unitards, but boy, was I  wrong!)

So, if you are in a work out rut, do something to get out of it.  Buy yourself a new workout DVD, or a new pair or running shoes.  How about a new pair of workout pants and a cute new T to go with it???  Sometimes that’s all it takes!  

If you need some motivation right now, Comcast offers Exercise TV On Demand!  Pick a video and get started!  (Jillian’s on there!)  It’s hard to get bored with so many different workouts to choose from!  

On the to-do list for today:

I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday! 

Have you ever tried P90X?  What were your thoughts?  Do you have any tips for keeping your workouts interesting? 


Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!


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