Learnin’ from a Lyon, and In Love With a Leon

Hello, Blog Friends!  Sorry I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday.  Did you miss me?!?!? Winking

Saturday was jam packed with working out , the Healthy Lifestyle Expo, and girlin’ it up with Mama Bush!

I started the day by working shoulders, arms, and abs for an hour and fifteen minutes.  I wasn’t even finished blow drying my hair when Mama B walked through the door. 

We drove straight to 3 Monkeys in the Fan, and promptly ate an entire Hummus and Flat Bread Platter.

Mmmmm-m-mmmm-m-m!  This platter is the reason I fell in love with hummus.  I seriously can not get enough of this creamy deliciousness!

After stuffing our faces, we rushed to the convention center for the expo.  I did not want to miss seeing Nathan Lyon’s presentation.

Boy, could he talk!   ;)  He had so much valuable information to share, and you could tell he was very passionate about cooking and eating fresh sustainable food! 

Here are the three main points I gathered from watching and listening to his mini-show:

1) Buy fresh, local, and in season real food.

2) If your house smells like fish after you cook it, you overcooked it!

3)  I will now officially be DVRing his shows weekly, and buying his cookbook when it comes out this summer or early fall!

We watched him cook salmon with fresh herbs and lemon zest, simmered green lentils, and chocolate molten cake.  Mom tasted the salmon and beans, and said they were both very, very good.  This is a HUGE compliment, because Mama Bush does not particularly care for fish.  I didn’t taste either dish, because I don’t eat fish, and the lentils were made with a chicken stock.  But I did taste the molten chocolate cake.  I am officially smitten! 

Tomorrow I’ll be making the salmon for Larry, and vegetable stock based green lentils.  I’m going to experiment with making a tempeh version of the fish for me.  However, I’ve never made tempeh before, so this could be rather interesting!

The rest of the expo was very good, but Lyon stole the show for me!

I gathered some resources and freebies for my kiddies!


Some information on the Cultural Arts Center that is so close to my house I can walk there!  Maybe some photography classes are in the near future?!?


Some info on Virginia State Parks.  Larry and I will definitely be going hiking and camping more often in 2010!DSC01169

And lots of recipes, info on vegetarianism (did you know there was a Vegetarian society of Richmond?!?!?), folic acid, calcium, and chiropractors. 


All in all it was a lovely and informative day!

Tonight, Larry Leon and I are planning on enjoying a nice quiet Valentine’s Dinner by the fire (thanks to firewood sent by Papa Bush!).  Leon will be having Ham-and-Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast, and I will be having feta stuffed portabella mushrooms.  After dinner, we will delight our taste buds with decadent Semi-Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Oh, how I love me some Leon!  He really is my one true love Red heart

jen and larry

Check back later for pics and recipes! 





magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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