First Ever Happy Heart, Happy Mind Giveaway

I’m very excited to announce my first ever Happy Heart, Happy Mind giveaway!  I’ve seen other bloggers do it.  I’ve even tried to win some!  Now, it’s time to see what you’d be willing to do for a chance to win ;) 

As many of you may know, I have been an avid reader of Shape Magazine for over ten years now.  Each month, I read the magazine from cover to cover.  It is filled with easy to read, informative articles about all aspects of healthy living.  What I love most about Shape is that it is realistic.  This is not a magazine that preaches unreachable goals.  Every single article, workout, and recipe can be done by anyone, at any age, and at any fitness level.  It keeps me motivated and informed! 

I want to share this wealth of information with you,  so I am offering one year’s subscription to one lucky HH, HM reader!

There are three ways you can win.  Do all three for three chances to win!

1)  Leave a comment below telling me how you have learned to love your body, or if you are still learning to love it, that’s cool, too!

2) If you have a blog, add me to your blogroll and leave a comment below telling me that you have done so.  If you don’t have a blog, leave a link to my blog on your Facebook homepage, and let me know 🙂

3)  Recommend my blog to a friend and have them add a comment.  Of course, they’ll have to tell me that you recommended them in their comment for this to work!. 

My goals for this giveaway are to: 1) share this wonderful magazine with you,  2)  increase the number of comments left at HH, HM, and 3) increase the number of readers that visit HH, HM. 

I’ll pick a winner Monday evening at 6.  I’ll then ask you to email me your info, so I can order the subscription to be sent to your home!  So be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you are the lucky winner!  :) 

Let the games begin!!!!


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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8 responses to “First Ever Happy Heart, Happy Mind Giveaway

  1. Whitney Thompson

    Well even though I do the cardnal sin of weighing each morning I have still learned to accept a few things over the years. First I have accepted that I am close to 30 and do not need to to compare myself to the thin teenage girls that I teach every day. Second, I have finally come to the realization that my thighs have always and will always touch at some point. When I’m slightly thinner they may only thouch at the top. Or when I put on a few pounds they will quite possibly touch from my knees all the way up. And third, I have realized that I am a “lucky weight gainer”. When I do gain a little weight usually no one notices but me. This is because I am not one of those people who only gain weight in my thighs/hips, or a person who gains weight in their face or around their middle. My weight gain is typically pretty evenly distributed all over my body.
    It’s taken me many years to accept these things and I’m still working on maintaining a healthy body and mindset. It’s friends like Jen who help put things in perspective.
    Keep up the healthy words of wisdom!


    • Yay, Whit!!! Can you believe we are close to 30?!?!? woah!!!!
      You are BEAUTIFUL! You have a body that many people would KILL for! And all the boys like your milkshake, baby!!!! 😉 Miss you!!! Will you be able to come to my little par-tay in March???? I need a whit fix!!!!

      • Alicia

        Girls, my 30th is in just over a week! It is absolutely hard to live in a town with a college because I still feel like I should look like I did when I was 22. I do have to say…I eat better and excersice more now than I ever have. So after talking to one of the girls at work who is also turning 30 this year I have decided to embrace the upcoming decade! I am happily married, in a job I love, we just bought a house…so looking at it that way, I think the comfort of my 30’s will be much better than the wildness of my 20’s!!

      • Alicia, you are so inspiring! What a positive outlook! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to read this! 🙂

  2. I love my body the most when it is in MOTION. I was snowed in during all the blizzard craziness in the DC area and the first day I got out and moved I could feel happiness coursing through my veins. It was awesome!

    • I completely agree! That is a great way to describe it… “happiness coursing through my veins.” It’s all about the Endorphins, baby! Sounds like a great logo for a t-shirt, huh?

  3. Hey, I’m a new reader to your blog. But I guess giveaways are a good time to comment. 🙂

    How I learned to love my body? Stop comparing. Stop comparing to other people, to old photographs of myself, what have you. I love my body most when I’m active, and I rely on every part of my body to empower me. Thick legs, wide shoulders? Perfect and so necessary to keep me running and swimming.

    I don’t know, I just found that inner peace really helped and my body happiness just followed! Thank goodness, too.

    • That seems to be a common theme for many people… they feel beautiful when they are staying active! I also love that you said to “stop comparing.” We should be proud of who WE are and what we are capable of 🙂 Thanks for commenting!!!!

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