And They Say Sugar Highs are a Myth

Happy Friday…  finally!!!!

Today was a sugar laden day for my third graders.  We had an Author’s Tea where they each got to read their published stories aloud to an audience of their classmates, parents and other teachers from the building.


They were so proud of themselves! 

After reading their stories, we feasted on a choice of two:

Fig Newtons,


Nilla Wafers,

the all time favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies,

and of course sweet tea!  (but in plastic Dixie cups!)



But wait!  There’s more!!!!  At lunch today, someone brought in Ukrops cupcakes for their birthday!!!!  😉

And they say sugar rushes are a myth?!?!?!?!?  I don’t believe that even for one second!!!! 

This leads me to the topic of today’s post.  Eating treats and enjoying them. 

I am currently reading Food Rules by Michael Pollen.  His food philosophy for this book is: Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.

He outlines 64 rules of healthy eating habits for eating real food.   Rule 60 is to treat treats as treats.

It’s OK to have a treat occasionally, because all things are OK in moderation.  It is the food choices that you make on a regular basis that determine how healthy and fit you will be.  One treat every once in a while will not do you in!

I hope everyone takes time to enjoy a treat this weekend!  I’m headed to my parents’ this weekend for a double birthday celebration.  We are finally celebrating Pop-pop’s birthday that kept getting postponed because of the snow, and we’re combining it with a celebration for my dad’s b-day. 

What treats do you most enjoy?  How do you do with moderation???  Any tips?


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