Baba Ghanoush and the Ugly Black Boot

Today was a crazy day… and it’s still going!

It started with 8 hours of work, followed by after school tutoring (for which the parents were late picking up their child!), grocery shopping, and dropping Larry’s truck off a the dealer.  It’s hard to complain though, when the hectic part of the day ended with this!


Two crispy, crunchy homemade pizzas.  One Grilled Mediterranean, and one with pepperoni, ham and cheese.

The Grilled Mediterranean is based on the Clean Eating Magazine Baba Ghanoush style pizza.


It is dairy free bliss.  Baba Ghanoush is a roasted eggplant puree with tahini, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, sea salt and cumin.  Very Middle Eastern 🙂


And it was incredibly filling!  Usually, when I’m eating cheese covered pizzas, I grab two to three pieces before I feel full and satisfied.  Tonight this pizza feast featured only one slice!  Can you believe it?!?!?!

I didn’t get a chance to workout today.  I have definitely been struggling with skipped workout guilt! I’ve been following a pretty tough, 6 days a week, 60-90 minute a day workout plan for the past three weeks. I felt great the first three weeks, and didn’t want to miss a workout, but week 4 has been a different story.

My workouts have been half (eh, hem) effort-ed ;) , and I’ve even cut a few of them short (yoga Sunday!).  However, I’m honestly starting to think this is my body’s way of telling me that it has had enough, and that it needs a bitty, baby break. My foot has been throbbing sore since Sunday, and my muscles ache even though I haven’t been working out incredibly hard. 

Larry tells me that I just have too high of expectations for myself, which may be true.  Sometimes I just have a hard time figuring out if I’m listening to my body, or if I’m just being plain lazy.  Katie at Health for the Whole Self had an interesting outlook on this skipped workout guilt, which helped me gain a new perspective. 

Even still, I think I’ll take this week to enjoy the sunshine, take long walks, and rest my poor aching body! My foot definitely needs a break, and I don’t want to cause more harm…  I’m so close to being fully healed!

I do not want to go back to wearing this bad boy!

Maybe after a week of light exercise, I’ll be ready to come back at it full force next week! 

Have a great night!!!!  Can you believe it is going to be near 70 degrees tomorrow?!?!?!  What will you do to enjoy this pre-spring season?!?!?!?



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4 responses to “Baba Ghanoush and the Ugly Black Boot

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I think you’re absolutely right – sometimes I think I’m being “lazy” when I start to slow down with my workouts, when the truth is that my body is trying to tell me to take a little break! I feel so much better when I actually listen, and then am able to come back full force!

  2. Alicia

    I think our bodies tell us when they’ve had enough and we need to take a rest. Mine has been giving me some shin pain so my training is taking an “active week off.” I’m still working out, but I’m taking the week off of running and allowing my body to heal so I don’t lose any strides in training. It’s tough not to beat yourself up and I’m more guilty of it than anyone. But knowing that there are others out there that deal with it too, is comforting and all I need to know!!

    Jen, your blog really is great and I love reading it!

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