White Weekend Getaway

Sorry about no post last night.  The internet was acting funky, and I didn’t have the energy to mess with it.

 Guess where I get to go this weekend?!?!?!

  Yep!  The Whitehouse!  🙂

 One of my mom’s students’ father is a liaison for the Whitehouse, and we have been invited for a tour!  I am so looking forward to it! 

 I hope I get to see Michelle’s garden!

 Maybe she’ll even let me help pull weeds!  😉 

I’m more excited now about Michelle’s Victory Garden and Let’s Move programs than ever!  My students are excited, too!  I have two students researching the Get Moving program and writing commentaries about it (I told you my third graders write every day! ;)).  We are also starting a very small scale Farm to Fork garden in the back of our school.

 It’s so amazing to me, that every year, I have a conversation with my students about where their food comes from, and they have no idea!  I’m not exaggerating.  Yesterday we were watching a video of a cheetah hunting, and they thought this was so disgusting.  We then began the discussion of how animals eat meat.

 One student refused to believe that he ate meat.  I asked him what he had for dinner the night before. 

“Steak,” he replied matter of factly. 

Hmm…  interesting, I thought.

“Where do you think the steak came from?” I asked.

“The grocery store.” 

 Children have no idea where their food comes from, and frighteningly enough, neither do many adults.  In fact, I am still learning every day.

 I’m currently reading Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating by Mark Bittman.  I had no idea how the four food groups came to be and why it was eventually changed to the ever evolving “food pyramid.”  Or, how the overproduction of soy and corn have lead to an endless supply of cheap and calorie empty foods.

 It is so important that we educate ourselves as consumers, so we can make informed decisions about the food products we choose to buy. 

Well, enough preaching for one day!  I’ll post more of the new found knowledge I’ve gained from reading Food Matters

I’m off to dinner and a movie with Mama Bush and some of her work friends!  Enjoy your FRIDAY night!!!



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4 responses to “White Weekend Getaway

  1. Elizabeth

    If you haven’t already, watch the movie Food, Inc. It is a very scary look at the food industry. Even people I know who say they don’t care where their food comes from changed their minds after watching it. You will never be so happy to be a veg! Have fun at the Whitehouse, I can’t wait to hear if you get to see the garden!

    • I have been debating watching this for months now. I am VERY sensitive to scenes that involve animals, and am kinda scared!!!! I didn’t actually get to see the garden today. We entered through the east wing of the building and it was raining so hard that when we left the tour we didn’t walk around to Penn. Ave, but walked (ran) straight back to the metro. Maybe next time when the sun is shining!!!!

      • Elizabeth

        I understand your reluctance about the movie; I cried through the whole thing! It is truly heartbreaking. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the white house!

  2. Heather

    I am also so excited about the White House garden. I grew up helping my dad with our large garden in NY and really miss the fresh veggies. There is nothing like a salad pulled from right behind your house! I would love to see what they are growing up on Pennsylvania Ave.

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