A Day of Two Skies

What a wild day!  We woke up with the sun rain this morning to get ready for our tour of the White House. 

The tour was wonderful!  We got to see all of the different rooms, and although I didn’t get to meet the first family :(  (tear), I did get to see this little furry fellow run around on the South Lawn.  I laughed and pointed like a five year old child!  🙂

How cute!

We were unable to take our cameras or purses into the White House this time, so I don’t have any pictures to show of the inside, but I do have a pic of the lovely weather we were experiencing.

rain white house

There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as wet tights on a cold day!  My feet are still thawing!

After our tour, my parents took the scenic route home, and we saw several of my mother’s childhood homes in Alexandria.


And we drove down my favorite road in NOVA, the George Washington Parkway, along the Potomac River.

We even passed Mount Vernon, home of our First President.

Then we stopped for lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen.

Zoe’s philospophy is as follows:

“Recipes derived from fresh ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, olive oil and feta cheese along with moderating consumption is Zoe’s philosophy on nutrition. As with all Mediterranean diets, the basic building blocks are fresh vegetables, cheeses, olive oils along with produce and fish. All of the recipes at Zoe’s Kitchen start with fresh ingredients each morning and if consumed with moderation would constitute a well balanced diet.”

grilled portobello & zucchini,
mozzarella, caramelized onions,
tomato, feta-parsley spread,

The feta-parsley spread was face rocking!

I really need to get better at taking pictures of my food when I eat out!  I always forget.

On my way home from NOVA, something amazing happened!  As I was heading south, I could see blue sky on the horizon.  As soon as I got within 15 miles of my house, the sun was shinning, there was not a cloud in the sky, and I got the sudden urge to pull over so I could take my sweatshirt off!

It is a BEAUTIFUL day in the south!


OK, so maybe there is one tiny white puff of a cloud right above the trees across the street 😉

Tonight we are off to a cookout with friends!  I’ll be bringing black bean burgers to grill!   

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!!


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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