A Long Run and a Burger on a Bun

I thought about dinner all day today.  Actually, I’ve been thinking about this particular dinner for a couple of weeks now!

From the moment I saw pictures of these Mediterranean Black Bean Burgers on The Voracious Vegan, I knew I had to make them mine!


When I was a voracious meat eater I used to LOVE BBQ sandwiches.  After giving up meat in 2009 I didn’t really miss eating any meat… except BBQ. 

There was more than one occasion when I would wake up the middle of the night after having a dream that I had accidentally eaten a BBQ sandwich smothered in Sauer’s Barbeque Sauce.

Larry still likes BBQ, so on occasion I throw a pork loin (not the shoulder or butt) in the crock pot, cover it with a little apple cider vinegar, and let it roast all day long.  On these days, the aroma of slow roasted pork tenderloin greets you at the front door and your taste buds can’t help but to salivate. 

Although the thought of eating meat makes me somewhat sick to my stomach, there is something about the smell of roasting BBQ that makes me consider just having one.tiny.bite.



But tonight I had a plan.

I would make these delicious looking black bean burgers with aioli and it would erase any desire to munch on pork;)

It worked! 

After work, I made 4 black bean burger patties following The Voracious Vegan’s recipe with only a few minor substitutions.  I used an egg white instead of ground flax and water, and I used whole wheat flour instead of chickpea flour (I’ve never even heard of chickpea flour.  Have you?)


I also made aioli with a chopped red onion, chopped garlic, chopped basil, and vegan mayonnaise.


We then packed Larry’s truck with all of our yummy eats, and he drove the goods to our friend Brian’s house.  He needed some help with a broken door, and we needed some help eating all that BBQ!

Rather than riding, I decided to run the 4.1 mile route to his house.  It is the longest run I have done since my surgery in December, and it felt wonderful.  There is simply nothing like running on a spring afternoon to make you float for the rest of the day.  As I was running, I couldn’t help but smile as I inhaled the scents of fresh mown grass and sweet nectar from newly blossomed trees!

I reached the house in perfect time, which also happened to be a lot quicker than I had anticipated: 37 minutes!  I was sure it would have take me almost 3 minute longer after such a long hiatus from running.  As I ran up the court, the boys were just finishing up, and ready to eat! 

Although I don’t have pictures of the finished sandwiches and burgers on buns, take my word for it, both recipes are worth trying!!!! 

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Have you ever surprised yourself by finishing something a lot easier than you had originally anticipated???  What was it, and how did effect your future endeavors??? 



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6 responses to “A Long Run and a Burger on a Bun

  1. Oh I’m a huge fan of bbq… i get horrible cravings for pulled pork sandwiches!

    I do, however, think those black bean burgers look like an awesome sub! Nice work! 🙂

  2. YAY! I’m so glad you liked the black bean burgers! 🙂

    Chickpea flour is roasted chickpeas that are then ground up to a fine powder. They are a whole food, pure protein, and really tasty! Here in Saudi Arabia you can find chickpea flour pretty easily, but I can imagine it might not be the most common ingredient everywhere. I’m glad regular flour worked well for you!

    And if you miss barbecue burgers you’ve gotta try my vegan recipe for the best sliced bbq sandwiches ever!

    • Thank you! Thank you! I wonder if whole foods or a health food store sells chickpea flour here in the states. I love trying new things! I also can NOT wait to try your bbq sandwiches!!!!

  3. Meg

    can’t wait to try the burger!

    i’ve always read your questions and ponder them. today i actually have answer…
    this year i really STUCK to my training plan for the 10K and am up to 10 miles. it feels amazing to sit back after that long run and realize you beat the mental running beast. my body feels more solid due to these runs and i’ve taken to eating better to get better fuel into my system. thanks to you, Jen, i’ve learned lots of new ideas for cleaner eating…and to take time for myself!

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