Food Processing

Look what I got as a present for myself today!!!!!


My very own food processor!  🙂

I have been wanting a food processor for a while now.  I have found so many delicious looking recipes that call for the use of one, but I kept putting off the purchase, because storage space is scarce in the Sanders household. 

Today the thought of making my very own, homemade hummus got the better of me, and I could no longer prolong the inevitable!   

I am a hummus monster.  I love hummus on absolutely anything.  I eat it every single day.  So guess what the first thing I processed with this bad boy was????

Yep!  You guessed it!  Hummus!

I got this super simple hummus recipe from (bet you’ll never guess this one ;))… Clean Food by Terri Walters!  (Has anyone else purchased or used this cook book?  It is, by far, the BEST cookbook I have ever used!)


For the hummus, all I did was mix cooked chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, cumin, and sea salt until blended smooth. 


So easy!


So quick!


So creamy!



The difficult part of making this recipe was changing my shirt after I somehow smeared tahini across the front of it.  I really need to invest in an apron. 


As you can see, I give this recipe and purchase 2 thumbs up (or it would be two if I didn’t have to use one to hold the camera!!!).  🙂


Is there something you’ve been putting off purchasing even though you know that it would be useful and/or make you really happy???

Happy Friday!!!!! 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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