Livin’ la Vida Local

I am still floating on cloud 9 this morning after my long run yesterday.  All I want to do is run, but I know that I need to give my body a little time to rest before I hit the pavement again.  I am feeling the true definition of a “runner’s high.”   

My knees are the only part of my body that is sore today.  I think I owe these limber limbs in part to following  13 Yoga Poses to Help Runners and Other Athletes.  These stretches were great, and they gave me the opportunity to sit quietly with my breath for a few.  Who wouldn’t benefit from that? 😉

Yesterday after my run I stopped by this local legend: Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market.


Ellwood Thompson’s is a local market that carries local produce and goods for the Richmond area.  It is actually the largest independent natural/organic market in all of Virginia. 

I have lived in this area for almost 5 years now, and yesterday was the first day I visited the market.  I even used to live within walking distance!  However, seeing as how this week is the week of first evers, I thought I’d finally give it a try. 

I’m so glad I did!!!  Here’s a glimpse of my very selective purchases.


I found chia seeds and nutritional yeast, which I have been searching for since November.  Most (as in I haven’t found a single one) chain grocery stores do not carry these, so you can only imagine how excited I was to see these products casually sitting on the shelf and in the bulk food bins.  Jackpot!     

DSC01676   DSC01679

I also found Virginia made Twin Oaks Tofu.  You may remember that I had the pleasure of eating Twin Oaks Tofu at Balliceaux back in early March, and it was really out of this world!  I wonder if I can recreate that same delectableness in my own kitchen…  


The pups got some all natural doggie treats for minty fresh breath.  And boy, do they need it! 


For lunch I got a Buticha Ethiopian Garbanzo Bean Wrap, and I must try to duplicate this recipe.  It was seriously delicious! 

Anyone know how to make Buticha????   


I also got a bottle of Annie’s All Natural Goddess Dressing, FAGE Greek Yogurt, an an avocado, because they were all on sale. 🙂

One thing I was super excited to see while at ET’s (other than the chia seeds and nutritional yeast, of course) was that a variety of their produce was supplied by Victory Farms

Last week, I was invited by a friend to share a CSA membership to Victory Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Each week beginning in mid-April, we get to go to one of their stands at a local Farmer’s Market and select fresh produce that was grown less than 20 miles from our own home! 

There are so many benefits to eating and buying locally. 

    1. You’ll get exceptional taste and freshness.
      Local food is fresher and tastes better than food shipped long distances from other states or countries. Local farmers can offer produce varieties bred for taste and freshness rather than for shipping and long shelf life.
    2. You’ll strengthen your local economy.
      Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating in your community. Getting to know the farmers who grow your food builds relationships based on understanding and trust, the foundation of strong communities.
    3. You’ll support endangered family farms.
      There’s never been a more critical time to support your farming neighbors. With each local food purchase, you ensure that more of your money spent on food goes to the farmer.
    4. You’ll safeguard your family’s health.
      Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised enables you to choose safe food from farmers who avoid or reduce their use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified seed in their operations. Buy food from local farmers you trust.
    5. You’ll protect the environment.
      Local food doesn’t have to travel far. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions and packing materials. Buying local food also helps to make farming more profitable and selling farmland for development less attractive.
    6. When you buy local food, you vote with your food dollar. This ensures that family farms in your community will continue to thrive and that healthy, flavorful, plentiful food will be available for future generations.  (SOURCE)

I for one can NOT wait to begin picking up my weekly produce.  What a great way to eat close to the source!  Just think of all the clean meals I will be able to create!  I’ve decided to to plan out a week’s meals based on the produce that I get from the Farmer’s Market.  I think this will open a whole new world of recipes for me! 

I also plan on visiting Ellwood Thompson’s more regularly for rarities such as chia seeds, nutritional yeast, local tofu, and other central Virginia goodies 🙂

Have you ever been involved in a CSA?  Do you aim to eat and purchase locally grown produce???  What are your thoughts???



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6 responses to “Livin’ la Vida Local

  1. Emily

    So we actually subscribe to Horse & Buggy Produce ( and it is AWESOME! I have to say, it’s the only way Marc has been able to get me to eat healthy! 🙂 They are great b/c their produce is in season, so it is always changing and their is a variety. They travel locally to get everything – produce, meat, and fish. They also make their own bread and granola. Super yummy!

  2. Meg

    My mom and I just joined Dominion Harvest last night. Our little box of produce (and eggs and cheese!) will be delivered right to our door. All the produce/dairy is from within 100 miles of Richmond. You can add on local meats and seafood as well. We are trying out the smaller box that also includes eggs and cheeses for only 37 bucks every 2 weeks. You can see more at . I can’t wait to eat as local and fresh as possible this summer and fall!

    P.S. Excited about that trail run tomorrow!

  3. Thank you so much coming in to Ellwood Thompson’s, I am glad you found what you were looking for. Have you tried the Twin Oaks tofu at home yet? I honestly believe they make the absolute best tofu. The trick with tofu is making sure you drain it really well so your sauces “stick”. Thank you so much for including us in your blog, its truly inspirational, I think I’ll check out walking the scramble route, not sure I am up to running it yet but it does look like tons of fun! We have some exciting changes coming up at Ellwood’s and are planning a dinner for bloggers very soon, I will be sure to get you an invite. Health and Happiness,
    Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market

    • Thanks, Cyndi! I did try the tofu and it was wonderful! I may need some tofu cooking lessons, though! You should definitely try the James River Scramble route. It was a blast!

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