Food, Food, Fabulous Food

Today it is all about the food!  Since being on Spring Break, I have been able to put together some rather fabulous breakfasts and lunches at home. 

This morning I ate a bowl of Three Minute Carrot Breakfast Cake topped with 2%  FAGE Greek yogurt and drizzled with honey.  Pretty face rocking!


Lunch today was a Homemade Hummus sandwich.


Two Arnold’s Whole Wheat sandwich rounds, a couple tablespoons of a second batch of homemade hummus, leftover broiled zucchini, squash, and onions, and a heaping helping of sprouts.  YUM!

I may, or may not, have eaten this with two handfuls of Sun Chips.


For dinner tonight, Larry and I are going on a date.  ;)  He is leaving to go to the OBX tomorrow for a bachelor party, and I am headed up north to visit my family.  We thought we’d spend our last night together out on the town wining and dinning. 

I love these date nights.  It gives us the perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up and to try a new restaurant in the city.  I also like sitting at a candle lit table, sipping a glass of wine while we talk about…  well, everything.  It always reminds me of the dinners we ate while honeymooning in Jamaica

Sometimes it is difficult to pick restaurants that will suit both of our tastes.  Many chain restaurants do not carry vegetarian options other than salads.  Though salads can be rather tasty, sometimes a girl wants a gourmet meal that doesn’t involve lettuce!!!    Lately, we’ve been trying out different restaurants downtown.  These smaller restaurants typically provide a better variety on the menu, and I’m barely ever let down.  Heck, the chef at Book Binders even made me a special vegetarian pasta last summer! 

Because we don’t eat out very often, I do not hold back.  I indulge.  I never say no to the bread basket.  I almost always have a glass of wine (or two!).  And if the desserts look exceptionally awesome, I’m always game.  What’s life without a little fun, right?!?! 

I am going to take it easy today.  Do a little laundry folding (yes, I finally got to laundry!), watch some Netflix, and clean up some of this awful pollen!!!

Happy Almost Friday!!!!

What is your favorite way to spend a date night????


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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