Food and Your Mood

I love to eat!

I love to eat fruits and veggies and whole grains.  I love to eat ice cream and chocolate and cheese.  I look forward to meals.  I crave snacks.  And I savor every bite of scrumptious desserts.  Like I said, I LOVE to eat!

But some foods make me feel way better than other foods.  Sometimes I do not listen to my body, and I end up feeling crummy for the rest of the day, or sometimes for an entire evening.

Yesterday was one of those days.  As you may already know, I spent this weekend at my parents’ house.  I have four brothers who also love to eat.  Each one of my brothers is over 6 feet tall, and they each have a metabolism that should be studied by scientists

Because they are constantly in a state of “hunger,” my mom keeps the house stocked with every food imaginable.  She is a professional grocery shopper.  😉

I have a hard time resisting the temptation of many of these foods.  For instance, yesterday I started the day off with a piece of whole grain toast and peanut butter.  Then for lunch I had a cucumber and tomato sandwich, which doesn’t sound so bad; however,  I haven’t yet told you that I ate this with a huge helping of macaroni salad and a handful of Nilla Wafers. 

Not too, too awful yet, except I then proceeded to eat half a container of  spinach dip on Triscuits followed by a glass of Riesling. 

For dinner I ate a deliciously juicy portabella burger, and a WAY too big portion of, wait for it…

baked curly fries

I was definitely not hungry anymore when I ate a NO PUDGE brownie topped with French vanilla ice cream.

I do not have anything against any of the above mentioned foods. Everything I ate yesterday was delicious.  But at the end of the day I felt AWFUL.  Indulgence can sometimes be good, but indulging all day long is not.

I try very hard to follow a balanced approach to eating.  I try to eat clean, wholesome foods that are close to the source, but I do not turn down a birthday cupcake, or a helping of curly fries if that is what my body is craving.  I do not forbid myself from eating any one particular food

However, my experience yesterday led me to reflect on how important it is to listen to my body.  I need to pay better attention to how certain foods make me feel when I am finished eating.  I loved the taste of the spinach dip yesterday, and I could not stop eating it.  However, when I was finished, I felt sluggish and my stomach felt full and bloated.  I do not mean full like satisfied full, but full like I was ready to burst full. 

In her cookbook Clean Food, Terry Walters encourages readers to keep a food journal.  Not a journal where you record the calories and fat for every morsel that enters your mouth, but a journal that documents what you ate throughout the day and your emotional and physical outcomes.  By keeping a detailed journal like this, you may be able to track patterns and make positive changes for a more healthful life.

I certainly know that endless amounts of spinach dip led to an hour long nap and further indulgences throughout the evening.  I think I’ll avoid such copious amounts next time!       

The plan for today is to eat as clean as possible.  I think I’m going to try my hand at making Veggie Burgers That are Actually Made from Real Veggies for dinner tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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2 responses to “Food and Your Mood

  1. Emily

    Isn’t it SO hard to stop eating something when it’s extremely tasty?!?!?!?! I always have to remind myself that it will still taste that good in a few hours when I am hungry again!

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