Monday Runday

It was back to work for me today after a week long vacation we teachers like to call Spring Break.  Boy, did this Monday business hit me hard.  After six hours of sleep last night, no break during the workday, and 23 incredibly lethargic third graders, I was ready to go home, curl up under the covers, and go to bed.

But I didn’t. 😉

Meg and I went on another long run, and today we ran 9.06 miles!!!!  A new record distance for me!!! 

Here are the stats from Meg’s new Garmin.

Time: 1:38:7 (there are a lot of stoplights in the city)

Average Pace: 10:49

Average Speed: 5.5 MPH

Max Speed: 15.8 MPH!!!!! Wow!  We were bookin’ it!!!!

Get a more detailed map of this run here.

Map data ©2010 Google – Terms of Use




2000 ft
500 m

This one was a bit easier than last Monday’s run, though toward the end my legs felt like lead, me knees ached, and my hips felt like they were stuck.  Any suggestions for easing up on these aches and pains???  I feel like breath-wise I always get into a comfortable rhythm and could go on forever, but my joints are what hold me back.
I know I will have no trouble falling asleep tonight!  I’m going to make this post short, so I can go make dinner before I die of starvation!  We’re having soba noodle stir fry, which I found a recipe for in last month’s Clean Eating Magazine.  I think after this long run I deserve a little Edy’s Slow Churned Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream for dessert, don’t you think?  :)   
What is your favorite light ice cream???  I’m always on the lookout for cleaner options. 
Have a wonderful evening…  only 4 more days till Friday!  ;) 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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6 responses to “Monday Runday

  1. I have found a new ice cream skinny cow has just came out with. They are in little individual mini cups, and they are just enough to make me happy. They have a few flavors, my favorite is chocolate fudge brownie, ofcourse, :):) The ice cream is only 2 WW points which is pretty darn good! Just to compare, my favorite ice cream from coldstone (that I haven’t had in a very long time!!) is 10 WW Points, and thats the smallest size, so I have found this new skinny cow ice cream creation, and I really like it, you should definitely try it! 🙂


    • I love Skinny Cow!!!! I haven’t seen it in the individual cups, but I will definitely look for those when I go to the store this week 🙂 Does it have a long list of ingredients??? I’m looking specifically for something that is all natural with a short list 🙂

  2. Congrats on your run!!! WAY TO GO!!! 🙂

  3. Berkeley

    I am dying to hear what others have to say about the issue of aching joints. I have the same problem that slows me down quite a bit and makes me take days off that I don’t want to! I have been fitted for shoes and inserts at a running store and I don’t overpronate. Its driving me batty!

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