Martin’s Review

I can’t help but sing the theme song from the sitcom “Martin” every time I think of the store! 

You remember??? Note “Marrrrr-tiiiin.”Note

Ha!   What a blast from the past!

Yesterday after work and a small celebratory happy hour for a friend who just found out she gets to keep her teaching job nest year (YAY!), I headed to the new Martin’s grocery store for some much needed groceries. 

For those of you not from the Richmond area, here’s the back story on this.  Ukrop’s was a family owned chain of grocery stores popular to this area that were recently bought by the Giant-Carlisle Division.  Gradually, the old Ukrop’s stores have been closed and converted to the new Martin’s.

I was never a regular Ukrop’s shopper.  The prices were more expensive than other stores, and I’m on a house buying budget.  I tended to only go there in emergencies, or for their fantastically fresh salad bar.  I also had them make my wedding cake, which was phenomenal!

But after hearing several people proclaim that Martin’s was much cheaper, I thought I’d give it a shot!  The store is much closer to my house and it is right next to Target, which I frequent regularly for cleaning products, household goods, and other bounties of cuteness.  It could be the start of a wonderful relationship!  😉

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the store was the bright green employees!  They were swarming everywhere and you could not miss them!  They were this color:


Very convenient for finding help 🙂

I also noticed that it was pretty much the same as Ukrop’s.  They had the same salad bar and cafe; the same deli, and sushi bar; and the same bakery.  The only differences I really saw were that the prices were lower, they flip flopped the fish and meat department, added a wall in the produce department, and they added a beer and wine section.  Unlike Ukrop’s, they will be open on Sundays and sell beer and wine….  Oh, and they sell cigarettes behind the customer service desk (yuck!).  It had a fresh coat of paint and new signs, but all in all, pretty much the same.

It is always hard to shop a new grocery store when you are unfamiliar with the aisles and where everything is, so I’m sure I forgot a few items.  But I will definitely go back to Martin’s the next time I need groceries and give it another shot!  Hey!  I might go on a Sunday and buy some wine!

Today, my friend Gen is driving into town and we are going to go for a hike!  I love hiking,  but I don’t get to do it very often.  I’m not very familiar with hiking trails in this area.  We are going to pick a Walking Trail from this website and head out to enjoy the beautiful spring weather! 

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!! 

Do you have a favorite place to hike??? 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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