Over the River and Through The Woods

Over the river and through the woods, to Skyline Drive we go!  A storm is a’coming, a cabin is rented, and I can’t wait to eat a marshmall-ow! 

Ok, I know that was stretching it a bit, but it pretty much sums up our camping trip for this weekend. 

Here is the weather forecast.


Here is the cabin that we rented because of the weather forecast.

Cabin Rentals

And here are the marshmallows I am about to go buy from Ellwood Thompson’s.

As a vegetarian, I do not eat the regular kind because they are made with gelatin.  After doing a little research, I discovered that my new favorite local market carries these Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows. 

They look like they will be scrumptious in a mouth watering, face rocking s’more!


I may skip my dinner of a veggie hobo pack and eat these babies all night instead! 

As soon as Larry gets home from work ,we are hitting the road and braving the great outdoors.

Check back tomorrow to see how this camping neophyte fared in the wet and stormy wilderness! 😉


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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