Gone in 60 Seconds Punch

Good morning!  Sorry for being MIA the past few days. 

Here’s an itinerary of yesterday’s events:

6:00 AM- Alarm goes off and I roll out of bed grumbling only slightly

7:30 AM- Mama Bush arrives to pick me up

7:35 AM- We load cooler, groceries, and serving platters into car

9:30 AM- We arrive at Staunton Starbucks to meet Beth

10:00 AM- I get fitted for my absolutely beautiful bridesmaid’s dress

11:00 AM- Drive to Beth’s wedding site

11:05 AM- Step out of  car directly into massive cow patty

11:06 AM- Wipe cow poo off shoe and foot with baby wipe

11:10 AM- Stare in awe at the astounding beauty of the wedding site for Beth’s June wedding

12:00 PM- Lunch at the Pampered Palette

1:30 PM- Arrive at Beth’s mom’s house to prepare for Bridal Shower

2:30 PM- Scoop a flaming piece of toast from bottom of oven without getting burnt! 🙂

2:31 PM- Turn around and burn arm on hot pan someone is holding behind me 😉

2:45 PM- Make amazing punch that didn’t last 60 seconds once the party started

3:00-6:00 PM- Bridal Shower

6:00-8:30 Ride home

8:30 PM- Eat inhale egg sandwich

9:00 PM- Fall asleep while watching Episode 1 of Gilmore Girls

Sarah’s Gone in 60 Seconds Party Punch


This punch is an absolute must have for your next shindig!  I had two cups 🙂


The blushing bride to be


The Food


The desserts

DSC02164  DSC02163

The presents


DSC02166  DSC02161 DSC02162

Opening Presents


DSC02262 Who needs a florist??? 😉

Bridesmaids minus one



Be-u-ti-ful!  🙂


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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2 responses to “Gone in 60 Seconds Punch

  1. Looks like a wonderful event! You all are so gorgeous! 🙂

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