Oats, Oats, Wonderful Oats

During the long winter months, I savor bowls of warm, thick and creamy homemade oats.


They are filling, stick to your ribs, and warm your body and soul.  I can think of nothing better to have for breakfast on a cold winter morning.

Now that the temperature is rising, and I am sweating by the time I finish blow drying my hair, hot oatmeal just does not sound appealing.

This is why I was so happy to find a recipe for Easy Overnight Vegan Oats on Oh She Glows. 

I’ve tried Overnight Oats in a jar, and rather liked them 🙂

overnight oats

Now, it may be that I am blonde, or just plain dumb, but I’ve never thought to just make the oats overnight in a bowl! 😉


It really is easy.  Mix the above listed ingredients in a bowl.  Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight.  Peeking is acceptable and strongly encouraged 😉


In the morning, open fridge, pull out bowl, remove plastic wrap, top with favorite toppings, stir (if you wish), and enjoy!


These oats were topped with a tablespoon of Organic MarnaNantha Organic Raw Almond Butter and maple syrup. 


This breakfast was FILLING!  I couldn’t even finish eating it, and it kept me full from about 6:30 AM to around noon time. 

I have a funny feeling that these oats and I will be wonderful companions this summer. 

Now the great debate begins.

I have been following an every other day workout type pattern this week.  Last night, before my Cinco de Mayo celebration with Larry and Brian (here’s your shout out boys! 😉 ), I did about 15 minutes of light cardio followed by an hour long BodyPump class that rocked pretty much every muscle in my body. 

I hate that I’m in a workout rut, but my body is s-o-r-e.  I’m thinking I’ll probably take the dogs for a walk after dinner tonight when it’s a little cooler.  That way I’m not totally missing a workout, but I’m giving my poor musk-les a chance to rest.

We shall see.  I may convince myself to do a thirty minute video on ExerciseTV.  Who knows? 😉

Happy Almost Friday!

What is your favorite hot summer morning breakfast?


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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14 responses to “Oats, Oats, Wonderful Oats

  1. YUM! Linking back to this in my next post!

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  3. I love overnight oats in the warmer months! I have yet to try adding chia seeds, but I’ve heard they work wonders!

  4. In the summer months I still hot oatmeal sometimes (I know, I’m odd), but I also like smoothies, overnight oats, yogurt and granola, fruit, or cereal.

  5. I’m not vegan…so I keep picturing overnight oats as having yogurt. But maybe that would be a worthy try also!
    Looks very nice.

    • I think that if you go back to Angela’s original post, she links to a site that actually uses yogurt 🙂

      I’m not vegan either, but I do enjoy a few vegan meals.

  6. Kristen

    I’m a big fan of the overnight vegan oats thanks to Oh She Glows. Lately I’ve been adding 2 tbsp of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hemp Protein powder into the mix (I think that was also a suggestion of Angela’s). It is GREAT!

    I just finished my other favorite breakfast item, and that is an ezekial english muffin with 2 tbsp all natural raw almond butter and some 100% natural raspberry spread. Delish!

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