Dining Under Da Sea

Ahhh!  Saturday.  No alarm clock to wake me.  No lessons to teach.  No rushing around to get ready.  Is there any wonder why I love the weekends? 

Last night, Larry and I went to a nearby mall to do a little shopping and to grab some dinner.  We were celebrating!  Larry won a trip to the Homestead Resort for being one of the top 1o sales people in the region for his company!  Needless to say, I need a new dress for the formal dinner 😉

We didn’t end up buying anything, but we did have a very tasty dinner at Tara Thai.


It felt like we were little fish floating around the bottom of the ocean floor 🙂

I had the Pad Thai Jae. 


It had lots and lots of veggies in a very light semi-sweet sauce.  I could have gone for a few more pieces of the bean curd, but all in all I think we were both very pleased with our dinners.  We will definitely be visiting this restaurant again :) 

tara thai 1

tara thai 2

I am not very familiar with Thai food.  Any suggestions for a great dish I should try next time??

Today I am loading up Lucy and a few Mother’s Day presents into the car and driving to my parents’ house.  Mom and I are planning to plant flowers, and I’m hoping I can convince her to go with me to get a pedicure or manicure before going out to dinner. 

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!  Don’t forget to do something nice for your mom!  🙂


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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