Ruthie Anne and Everything Grand

Good morning!  I bet you’re wondering where  I’ve been. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Larry’s work gave him a trip for two to the Homestead Resort for being a top ten sales person in his region.


The resort is massive.  It is impossible to see the entire building at one time.


Everything is grand.

We arrived yesterday in the early afternoon and went horseback riding.  My horse, Ruthie Anne, was rather small for a horse (only 900 lbs), but she was full of personality, and it took some work to control her.  I was a nervous wreck!  Larry said I was stiff the entire time.  I wish I had pictures to show you, but somehow our memory card was erased, so most of yesterday is lost.

We then went for a 3.4 mile hike on one of the resorts many trails.  Somehow during our hike we got a bit turned around and ended up doing the loop again!!!  We finally found the horse stables and they called a shuttle for us.  We hiked close to 5 miles yesterday up steep hills and rocky terrain.  Talk about a workout!

Last night, after an informal dinner with his company (and a $9.75 glass of chardonnay!), we sat on the grand front porch of the resort in charming rocking chairs watching a storm roll in over the mountains.




Thunderstorms in the mountains are the best!  The thunder echoes off the mountain tops and the lightening seems especially bright against a clear black sky.

Today we are going for a guided hike called the Cascades Gorge Walk.  A naturalist will be our guide to explain the formation of the gorge.  I hope to get some exquisite pictures!

After that, Larry is going to play a round of golf, and I am heading to the spa for  Luxury Facial.  Then tonight we are headed to a formal dinner with cocktails, prizes, and more! 

It should be an exciting day!


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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2 responses to “Ruthie Anne and Everything Grand

  1. Jamie

    I ordered up that thunderstorm just for…I know how much you love them! Hope you are having a great time.

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