Weekend Warrior

Helloooo everyone!  I hope you had an amazing weekend, and that your Monday wasn’t too, too bad 😉

I have only 9 more school days left before summer vacation begins!  Woo hooo!  This summer I am not working summer school or taking classes, so I will have lots of time to read, write, workout, and relax.  I can’t wait!

This past weekend gave me a nice little taste of what is to come.  Friday’s Longwood adventure was only the beginning. 

Saturday I went on a wine tour near Wintergreen, Va for Beth’s bachelorette party. 


We went to Wintergreen, Hill Top Berry, and Cardinal Point wineries.  It was a such a blast!

The bride-to-be was beautiful… as she always is!


The scenery was (almost) as beautiful as the bride 😉




The wine was terrific.



And the company was top notch 😉

DSC03016  DSC03038


It’s always to get back to the grind after such a wonderful weekend, but we must press on!!! 

Have a wonderful evening and an even better week! 🙂

What is your favorite winery to visit or wine to drink???



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3 responses to “Weekend Warrior

  1. Alicia

    I am envious of your summer off!! My favorite wine is Gabbiano Chianti….it’s cheaper, but delicious!!!

  2. akp

    My favorite local winery is Cooper! They have a great selection, and SUPER relaxed atmosphere… it doesn’t hurt that it’s not too far away either!


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