The Great Debate?

Good evening, ladies and gentleman.  I sit before you tonight as I am watching the President’s Address from the Oval Office. 

I feel very much like a grown up 😉


I’m not an expert, but it does sounds like they have a pretty thorough plan in place.  I hope that those responsible pay for their actions, that we get this under control quickly, and that America learns a valuable lesson from this horrendous manmade disaster.

I completely agree with Obama as he pleads with Americans to dissipate our addiction to fossil fuels.  Like he said, at one time, we believed it was impossible to send a man to the moon.  I would like to know how it is possible that we can send a man to the moon, but that we haven’t yet found a way to create a system that includes greater access to public transportation, safe bike lanes and sidewalks, a more safe and sustainable food industry, and homes and businesses that rely heavily on renewable energy sources?

I’m not sure that my individual actions will be able to make any drastic changes, but I do know that all small actions can add up to make great differences. 

Here are a list of ways you can make smarter food choices to help reduce your reliance on fossil fuels as listed by Sustainable

What You Can Do

  • Buy foods grown locally. The equation is simple: the closer the farm is to you, the less fuel is needed to transport its food to your table. You can find local foods through our Eat Well Guide by visiting a local farmers market, or by joining a food co-op or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group. See our Shop Sustainable page for more information. And while you’re at it, ask your grocery store to supply locally grown produce.
  • Want to have lettuce that’s truly local? Plant a garden and grow your own fresh produce!
  • Avoid purchasing processed foods. These foods take more energy to produce (and have less nutritional value than whole foods). In addition, choose foods with minimal packaging. This reduces the energy used to produce the packaging and eliminates these materials from the waste stream.
  • Cut back on meat. As much as Americans love to eat it, meat is the least fuel-efficient food we have. Large quantities of energy are required to cultivate, harvest, and ship animal feed, house, transport and slaughter animals, process and package their meat, and refrigerate it until it’s cooked.


It is not my intention to create a great political debate here, but I do hope that these recent events have made you somewhat question how humans are impacting the Earth, and how this may be impacting our overall health. 

Have you ever wondered if there was a direct correlation between our higher dependency on oil in the past few decades to the rise in American obesity rates?  Could it be that driving everywhere instead of walking or riding bikes made a difference?  How about our ability to access highly processed foods that are manufactured thousands of miles from our homes and shipped by planes and trucks to local grocery stores? 

This very small post on HH,HM will not save the thousands of plants and animals affected in the Gulf’s precious ecosystems, but I do hope that this tragedy will make more people stop and think about the choices they make every day. 

What can you do to make healthier choices and lessen your dependency on fossil fuels?  What are you already doing?


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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One response to “The Great Debate?

  1. I completely agree with you. I think President Obama is absolutely right that the oil spill needs to be a wake-up call; we must recognize that now is the time to embrace cleaner forms of energy. I also agree that while it may not seem like I’m making a big difference by buying locally or planting a small garden, when we all take steps like that it definitely adds up!

    Great post! 🙂

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