A Penny for Your Thoughts

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Last night Larry asked me a question I had certainly been avoiding.  He wanted to know when the last time I blogged was, and why I wasn’t writing any more.

I had been avoiding the question, because, to be completely honest, I don’t have a very good answer.

Blogging had become somewhat of an “I have to” instead of an “I want to.”

And that, my friends, defeats the purpose of this project.

In the past few days I have read 2.5 novels, run countless miles (on the treadmill!!!), eaten clean, eaten a little dirty, gone to a concert, gone to a small town street festival, and taught a kindergarten summer school class.  I’ve been a little sick and my camera is dead.  I have had sleepless nights and nights where I’ve slept like a log.  I’ve avoided the computer like the plague, and only used my cell phone when it was charged and within a reachable distance.   

It’s been kind of nice keeping these things to myself.  They feel a little bit more personal.  I’ve felt a little lighter. 

I’m not giving up on the blog.  Just writing this short synopsis actually feels great and the writing itch has returned.  I just needed a little break to be alone with my thoughts for a while.

Tomorrow I leave for the beach and I plan on taking my laptop.  I may not write every single day I am there, but I do know that the beach provides the perfect opportunity to immortalize memories with words.  That is something I simply can not pass up. 

How do you feel about technology and the constant interconnectedness that it causes? 


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3 responses to “A Penny for Your Thoughts

  1. Larry Sanders

    Way to get back on the boat babe! I think that no matter what, you should ENJOY YOUR SUMMER! If you want to blog, then blog. If not, everyone understands (or should). I personally feel that we have become too dependent on technology. We all play on facebook and “spy” on people instead of going to see them or giving them a call! Something to think about.

  2. Sometimes we all need a little break from the constant go-go-go of our “plugged-in” worlds. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying yourself and keeping true to what your blog is all about! 🙂

  3. Wendy

    get away from it all, get recharged and enjoy every minute. never feel guilty for taking a break from your blog. it is wonderful and we all enjoy it….but if we never got away we’d go crazy. plus, it’s always good for a fresh perspective. you are wonderful and breaks are a good thing for us all. maybe your lack of blog is really a blog in itself, reminding us all to take a break! 🙂

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