I teach my third grade students how writing every day is what helps you to become a better writer, and I expect them to do this every day without any whining!

Now it is my turn to practice what I preach.

I’ve decided to turn this blog into a daily diary about working toward finding a balance of happiness and health in all aspects of my life: relationships, physical health, mental health, career goals, etc.

Please join me on my journey of becoming a healthy, happy blogger!

Here’s a little about me!

I live Central Virginia with my loving husband, Larry, and two dogs, Dallas and Lucy.  I strive to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.  On January 31, 2008, I ate my last bite of meat at a candlelit New Years Eve dinner.  After much thought, contemplation, and research I decided to become a lactoovo vegetarian.  I do not eat meat or meat products, but I do eat dairy and eggs products, because I simply could not give up cheese and chocolate!!! 

 The first month of eating a lacto-ovo diet was very easy difficult for me.  I wasn’t quite sure how to replace the proteins in my diet, and found myself hungry–often.  However, over the past year I have found a healthy approach to eating, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to return to my old carnivorous ways again!

 I try to workout as much as possible.  I love taking classes at the gym, doing workout videos at home, going for long runs (although “long” is a relative term), and lifting weights with my hunky hubby.  The endorphins released during exercise are definitely my drug of choice . 

 You would think that healthy eating and exercise would be enough, right?  Wrong!  I want to not only have a healthy body, but a healthy mind also.  I need to find a creative way to express myself, slow down, and find that “inner peace” you hear so many people on Oprah talking about!

I have been teaching elementary school for seven years now.  This past summer I graduated from VCU with a Masters of Education in Reading.  This drew to a close a major goal I had set for myself three years prior.  Not having research to do, and papers to write, I became rather restless, and my fingers were itching to write.  Thus the goal for a blog emerged.


So, as I tell my third graders: Write every day. Think about writing every chance you get.  And live a “writer-ly” life.  The possibilities are endless.


2 responses to “About

  1. you go girl!

    this is really great! I don’t know how you do it! you really are a great role model, not only for your students but to those you work with too!

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