Fitness Log

I’ve decided to add this page to help me keep track of the workouts I do on a regular basis.  I think it can be motivating for me to see how much (or how little) I have done, and it may give you some ideas for workouts you can do!

Remember that January was rather light because I was healing from foot surgery.  However, if you are new to exercise this might be a good resource for finding easier workouts!  If you’re an old pro, please feel free to send me recommendations for how to up the intensity!

July 22nd- 27 minutes 3 mile run

July 21st- OFF

July 20th- OFF

July 19th- 45 mins. 5 mile run

July 18th- OFF

July 17th- OFF

July 16th- 45 minutes cardio (17 mins elliptical, 15 minutes stair climber, 13 minutes treadmill)

July 15th- 5 minute track run, 5 circuits of Kim Kardashian Shape Magazine workout, 7 minute treadmill run

July 14th- OFF

July 13th- 60 minutes cardio: 33 minutes elliptical, 27 minutes treadmill

July 12th- Legs with Larry (Leg presses, hack squats, front squats, leg extensions, lying hamstring curls, hyperextensions, and calf raises)

July 11th- 50 minutes cardio: 17 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes row machine, 15 minutes treadmill run (1.66 miles)

July 10th- 20 minutes Zen in Your Den Yoga (FitTV)

July 9th- 8 minute elliptical warmup, 60 minute BodyCombat class, 22 minute elliptical

July 8th- 1 hour, 5.55 miles on the treadmill (5 minutes walking warmup, 46 minutes running, 9 minutes walking cooldown)

July 7th- 35 minutes Women’s Health Magazine Fitness Plan 2010

July 6th- 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes stationary bike, 9 minute mile

July 5th- 5 minute cardio warm up, 45 minutes Kim Kardashian circuit workout

July 4th-OFF

July 3rd- 30 minutes elliptical

July 2nd- OFF

July 1st- 60  minutes Body Combat class

June 30th- 26 minute 3 mile run, 23 minute walk with the dogs

June 29th- light stretching

June 28th- 20 minute yoga download from 

June 27th- 5 minute warmup on the treadmill, 40 minutes Kim Kardashian Shape Magazine Workout (4 circuits), 5 minutes cooldown on treadmill

June 26th-53 minutes BodyCombat

June 25th- 32 minutes swimming laps (not sure how far)

June 24th- 35 minute 3.2 mile run

June 23rd- 35 minutes Kim Kardashian Workout from Shape Magazine (3 circuits) 

June 22nd- OFF

June 18th- 28 minute 3 mile run

June 14- 28 minute 3 mile run

**I have been bad about recording workouts**

May 28th- OFF

May 27th- 45 minutes Field Sprints, 50 lunges, 40 squats

May 26th- 45 minutes Arms and Back, 9:13 minute 1 mile run

May 25th- OFF

May 24th- 19 minutes 2.2 mile run

May 23rd- 65 minutes cardio/strength circuits

May 22nd- 40 minutes run/sprints, 50 lunges, 25 squats

May 19th- 45 minutes arms and shoulders, 12 minutes eliptical on 15% incline

May 16th- 2 hour hike

May 15th- 2 hours 30 minutes 5.5 mile hike

May 12th- 60 minutes Cardio/Strength Circuits

May 7th-May 12th- Missing Days…  I forgot to log these days, and I don’t remember what I did.

May 6th- 30 minutes cardio blast from ExerciseTV

May 5th- 15 minutes stationary bike, 60 minutes BodyPump

May 2nd- 60 minutes strength training (chest, triceps, and abs), 25 minute 3 mile run

April 29th- 49 minute, 5 mile run

April 27th- 1 hour, 15 minutes bootcamp

April 25th- 3.4 mile mountain hike

April 24- 1.5 mile walk/mountain hike

April 23- 50 minute 5 mile run, 25 minute 1.5 mile walk

April 17th- 2 hours, 53 minutes 6.5 mile hike

April 16th- 20 minutes 2.2 mile run, 5 minute core work

April 15th- 30 minutes yoga download

April 14th- 53 minutes 5.38 miles, 15 minutes 13 Yoga Poses to Help Runners 

April 13th- OFF

April 12th- 1:38:07 9.06 mile run, 15 minutes 13 Yoga Poses to Help Runners 

April 11th- 19 minutes 2.2 mile run, 15 minutes 13 Yoga Poses to Help Runners 

April 10th- (don’t know the time) 2.38 mile walk

April 9th- REST

April 8th- 30 minutes walk/run, 30 minutes whole body sculpting circuits

April 7th- 1 hour 20 minutes hike/road/trial run

April 6th- 40 minutes upper body and core circuits

April 5th- 1 hour 35 minutes, 8.63 mile run

April 4th- 1 hour hike (walk/run/sprint)

April 3rd- 20 minutes, 2 mile run

March 28th- 30 minutes, gentle yoga

March 25th- 50 minutes, Body Step

March 24th- 37 minutes, 4.1 miles

March 22nd- 3 miles

March 20th- 3 miles

March 10th- 25 minute 2.7 mile run

March 9th- OFF

March 8th- 30 minutes power walk with dogs

March 7th- 60 minutes run/walk with the dogs, 30 minutes power yoga

March 6th- 60 minutes kickboxing

March 5th- 35 minute power walk with the dogs

March 4th- OFF being pampered 😉

March 3rd- 90 minutes power yoga (complete with ohming 😉 )

March 2nd- 60 minutes arms and shoulders

March 1st- OFF

Feb. 28th- 45 minutes cardio circuits

Feb. 27th- 60 minutes core Synergistics

Feb. 26th- OFF

Feb. 25th- OFF 🙂

Feb. 24th- 60 minutes kickboxing

Feb. 23rd- 60 minutes legs and back

Feb. 22nd- 90 minutes power yoga

Feb. 21st- 60 minutes arms and shoulders, 15 minutes abs

Feb. 20th- 45 minutes cardio circuits

Feb. 19th- 60 minutes core synergistics

Feb. 18th- OFF

Feb. 17th- OFF

Feb. 16th- 1 hour Kickboxing

Feb. 15th- 58 minutes back and legs, 15 minutes Abs

Feb. 14th- 45 minutes yoga

Feb. 13th- 58 minutes Shoulders and Arms, 15 minutes Ab Ripper X

Feb. 12th-42 minutes, Cardio X

Feb. 11th- 55 minutes, core synergistics

Feb. 10th- 60 minutes strength training: Legs

Feb. 9th- 45 minutes Yogaworks Begin from Exercise TV on Demand

Feb. 7th- 30 minutes treadmill walk/run; strength training traps and triceps

Feb. 6th- REST

Feb. 5th- 30 minutes treadmill walk/run, strength training: cable external rotation, plie squat, stability ball dumbbell  bench press, med-ball rotation, dumbbell overhead press, bodyweight front lunge, cable one arm row, side step up w/ dumbbell, stability ball dumbbell one arm triceps extension, stability ball crunches, stability ball dumbbell bicep curl, push and squeeze (workout downloaded from virtual trainer)

Feb. 4th- 30 minutes light yoga from Exercise TV On Demand

Feb. 3rd- 30 minutes elliptical, resistance 7-10; 15 minutes on treadmill, incline 5, speed 4, strength training, back and biceps

Feb. 2nd- One-on-One Training with Jackie, 40 minutes lower body and abs

Feb. 1- One-on-One Training with Jackie, 20 minutes upper body only


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