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Sunny Sunday

Hello!  I hope you have enjoyed your weekend, and I hope  you have spent some time outdoors in the beautiful March weather!

Yesterday was a fun and eventful day full of girly entertainment!

I started the day off by procrastinating from doing all of my to-dos.  I finally did an hour of kickboxing, though I definitely wanted to stop half way through the workout.

Lesson #1 of the day: Eat before you do intense workouts. 

I ended up finishing the workout and found a second wind near the end, but I do know next time I will not attempt to do this workout without some type of fuel. 

After working out and tidying up the house a bit, I threw together the snacks for the Arbonne Party. 


There was a veggie tray with yellow and red peppers, baby carrots, cucumbers and TJ’s garlic hummus,


a Gouda Cheese Assortment and TJ’s party crackers,


and TJ’s sea salted pita chips and a variety of TJ’s hummus. 


I also made homemade guacamole, which is an easy and clean recipe anyone can make!



  • 3 ripe avocados
  • 1 small red onion
  • Juice from 2 1/2 limes
  • Juice from 1 small orange
  • 2 medium red tomatoes halved and deseeded
  • 2 Serrano chilies
  • 3/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt

Grill or broil the tomatoes and the Serrano chilies until the skins are bubbly and slightly blackened.  Chop the tomatoes.  Remove skin and seeds from Serrano chilies.  Chop the Serrano chilies. 

Smush avocados in a medium sized bowl with a fork.  Add the tomatoes, chilies, juice from limes and oranges, cilantro, salt, and onion.  Mix well and refrigerate for up to 8 hours before serving.

It was a bit oniony, and I have the breath to prove it ;)  If you’re not an onion fan, you may want to only use half of a small onion.

Once Kelly arrived, she set up the table with all of her goods.


My mom won the tub with pretty green ribbon filled Aromassentials Awaken Salt Scrub in a raffle, and I won the big box in the middle just for throwing the party!!!


Lesson #2 of the day: Everything we put on our skin goes into the bloodstream.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so smitten with Arbonne.  They do not use any mineral oils, lanolin, collagen, chemical dyes or fragrances, SD40 Alcohol, alcohols, free radicals, or animal by products.  If you concerned about the quality of the food you consume, it is also important to think about the quality of ingredients you add to your bloodstream through the products you use. 

Do you know of any product lines that follow a similar philosophy?

After the party, my mom, aunt, and I headed downtown for dinner.  We visited Balliceaux (pronounced bally-so).  This restaurant follows a farm to fork philosophy that incorporates fresh, local ingredients.  They even make their cocktails with fresh berries and fresh squeezed juices.  My aunt had a martini that was mind blowingly good! 

Dinner was beyond delicious!  I got the panko crusted “twin oaks” tofu
house made kim chee and an orange blossom sauce.  It was simply out of this world.  It’s funny, too, because yesterday morning I was reading Brittany’s, and she mentioned this locally made tofu that I had never heard of before. 


Lesson #3 of the day: I simply must try to recreate this dish at home! 

Today, Larry and I took the dogs to the park to enjoy the beautiful sixty degree weather.  They are all tuckered out now and living dog’s life!


We are going to extend our enjoyment of this spectacular weather and grill out for dinner tonight :)  Can’t wait! 

How did you enjoy the wonderful weather??? 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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The Cost of Beauty

I meant for this to post last night, but I accidentally posted it to my old address!  Oops! 

Ok!  So, I semi-stole this title from Dr. OZ.  Last month, one of his shows featured products that we all love and use to make ourselves a bit more beautiful.  Anyone out there use mineral powder, wrinkle cream, or lip gloss?!?!?!  If you do, you’ll want to check out his site for how these products could be harming your health.  There is also a Dr. OZ cheat sheet that can help you pick products that are not harmful.

Isn’t it sad that we can just go to the store and trust that what we are purchasing won’t harm our health??? 

This is why tomorrow (Saturday) I will be hosting an Arbonne Party for my friends and family (although I doubt my dad and brothers will come!).  Arbonne is a beauty, health and wellness company that specializes in products that consist of pure and safe botanical ingredients.

“At Arbonne, beauty begins with premium botanical ingredients, innovative scientific discovery, and an unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. Arbonne creates personal care and wellness products that preserve and enhance the skin, body and mind for an integrative approach to beauty. Working closely with scientists around the world and our Arbonne Institute of Research and Development (AIRD®) facility in Switzerland, we continually explore and develop scientifically advanced, botanically based proprietary formulas that meet our exacting standards for quality, safety and sustainability.” (Source)

My friend Kelly at Best of Nature by Kelly will be the consultant for this party, and let me tell you, she has AWESOME skin!  She literally glows! 

As you can tell by my post yesterday, it is very important to me that I use products that are sustainable, and that do not cause harm to animals.  I’ve been using the Arbonne FC5 Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20 and I love it!  I can’t wait to try more of their products.  I’ll fill you in on more tomorrow!

I’ve spent this evening shopping for treats to serve at the shindig tomorrow, and getting the house ready.  Sorry for such a short post! 

Check back tomorrow to learn more about Arbonne, and for a new healthy party recipe.

Enjoy your FRIDAY evening!!!! 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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Ode to My Body

Last night’s post has really got me thinking.  Sometimes we can be so tough on ourselves!

I’m dedicating this post to BEAUTIFUL thoughts (or if you are a man HANDSOME thoughts), and to celebrating our bodies. 

Merriam-Webster defines beauty as:

1 : the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit : loveliness

Last time I checked there were five senses, and the sense of sight was not the strongest, nor was it the most important one! 

So, why do we put so much emphasis on believing that beauty is simply what we see or how we look?  What about how we feel, or how we make other people feel ? 

Beauty is so much deeper than what we can see on the outside. 

I know.  You’re thinking oooooo-K, Miss clichéBut it is true!

So often, when we think about our body, or of our looks, our thoughts go something like this, “I should have worked out longer,” or, “I shouldn’t have eaten that donut,” or, “I wish I looked more like Jennifer Aniston.”


But, what about changing that pattern of thought into appreciating what our bodies do for us?  Just think of what we put them through on a daily basis????

In my latest Shape Magazine (Feb. 2010, Vol. 29, No. 6), there was a featured article called, “What I Love About My Body.”  Six women shared how they learned to accept and embrace their “favorite” body part. 

One quote really hit me hard:


You can ask anyone who knows me: I am most self conscious about my appendix scar.

In 2007, my appendix ruptured while vacationing in the OBX.  I had an emergency appendectomy once I returned home– almost three days after my initial visit to the hospital at the beach where I was told I had a stomach virus. 

To this day, the scar is wide, lumpy, and pink. 


But rather than thinking about this as an“ugly” scar on my belly, I need to learn to appreciate what the scar represents. 

This scar represents strength and perseverance.  I could have died, but my body pulled me through three days of toxins ravaging my insides.  It pulled me through an invasive operation, and was strong enough to heal quickly afterward. 

This scar represents love and dedication.  It was while I was lying in the hospital that I realized how much it means to have friends and family who care and worry about my wellbeing.  Larry and I weren’t even married at this point, but he held my hair while I was getting sick, saw me at my worst, and cooked countless meals at home until he found food that I could hold down…  and he still wanted to marry me!  My mom slept upright in a metal hospital chair, so I wouldn’t be alone at night.  My aunt walked laps around the hospital floor at a snail’s pace with me, so I could get some exercise.   And countless friends visited me from all over the state.

It is hard to type this and to not get a little choked up.  This scar is  beautiful, and I am almost ashamed for having hated it at times.

So, let’s take time to learn to love our bodies and what they are capable of.  Let’s look at our scars and think of strength.  Let’s look at our belly rolls and think of the good times that led us there!  😉

If we want to feel beautiful, let’s appreciate the beauty around us with all five of our senses.  Take time to taste and smell the beauty of fresh grown produce, and of whole grains baking in an oven.  Take time to listen to the beauty of children singing, birds chirping, and of our loved ones talking.  Take time to feel the strength of our bodies, and of being loved. Take time to look at the beauty that is already around us, and appreciate what we have. 

Makes it hard not feel pleasurably exalted in the mind or sprit, huh?

What do you love about your body?  Are there things about your body that you are still learning to love? 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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