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Weekend Warrior

Helloooo everyone!  I hope you had an amazing weekend, and that your Monday wasn’t too, too bad 😉

I have only 9 more school days left before summer vacation begins!  Woo hooo!  This summer I am not working summer school or taking classes, so I will have lots of time to read, write, workout, and relax.  I can’t wait!

This past weekend gave me a nice little taste of what is to come.  Friday’s Longwood adventure was only the beginning. 

Saturday I went on a wine tour near Wintergreen, Va for Beth’s bachelorette party. 


We went to Wintergreen, Hill Top Berry, and Cardinal Point wineries.  It was a such a blast!

The bride-to-be was beautiful… as she always is!


The scenery was (almost) as beautiful as the bride 😉




The wine was terrific.



And the company was top notch 😉

DSC03016  DSC03038


It’s always to get back to the grind after such a wonderful weekend, but we must press on!!! 

Have a wonderful evening and an even better week! 🙂

What is your favorite winery to visit or wine to drink???



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Gone in 60 Seconds Punch

Good morning!  Sorry for being MIA the past few days. 

Here’s an itinerary of yesterday’s events:

6:00 AM- Alarm goes off and I roll out of bed grumbling only slightly

7:30 AM- Mama Bush arrives to pick me up

7:35 AM- We load cooler, groceries, and serving platters into car

9:30 AM- We arrive at Staunton Starbucks to meet Beth

10:00 AM- I get fitted for my absolutely beautiful bridesmaid’s dress

11:00 AM- Drive to Beth’s wedding site

11:05 AM- Step out of  car directly into massive cow patty

11:06 AM- Wipe cow poo off shoe and foot with baby wipe

11:10 AM- Stare in awe at the astounding beauty of the wedding site for Beth’s June wedding

12:00 PM- Lunch at the Pampered Palette

1:30 PM- Arrive at Beth’s mom’s house to prepare for Bridal Shower

2:30 PM- Scoop a flaming piece of toast from bottom of oven without getting burnt! 🙂

2:31 PM- Turn around and burn arm on hot pan someone is holding behind me 😉

2:45 PM- Make amazing punch that didn’t last 60 seconds once the party started

3:00-6:00 PM- Bridal Shower

6:00-8:30 Ride home

8:30 PM- Eat inhale egg sandwich

9:00 PM- Fall asleep while watching Episode 1 of Gilmore Girls

Sarah’s Gone in 60 Seconds Party Punch


This punch is an absolute must have for your next shindig!  I had two cups 🙂


The blushing bride to be


The Food


The desserts

DSC02164  DSC02163

The presents


DSC02166  DSC02161 DSC02162

Opening Presents


DSC02262 Who needs a florist??? 😉

Bridesmaids minus one



Be-u-ti-ful!  🙂


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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Camping Extravaganza

Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

I survived my first camping trip since 1996, and I.had.a.BLAST!  The drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains in itself was spectacular. 

I mean just look at this!


Once we arrived at the campground, we were pleasantly surprised to see that this was the view from our cabin.  The soothing sound of rushing water immediately gave you a sense of calm. 

We unpacked the truck and began preparations for our night out in the wild. 

**HINT**  It is always a very good idea to bring an Eagle Scout with you when you go camping in the woods!   

For dinner, we ate Hobo Packs.  A hobo pack is simply marinated meat and/or veggies wrapped in foil and cooked over an open flame.  I had hobo-ed asparagus, squash, and broccoli.  I also had a grilled Lightlife Italian SausageAll of you experienced vegetarians and vegans out there, what do you eat when you go camping???


The highlight of dinner came after the dinner plates were scrubbed clean and the last logs were added to the fire. 

Yep!  S’more time! 


Here is my perfectly burnt to a crisp vegetarian marshmallow s’more!  Just the way I like it! 


After eating three of these delectable babies, it was time to hit they hay! 

Remember Glo Worms from the 80s???




Nice and cozy!


Today we woke up and went for a 3.4 mile hike through the George Washington National Forest.



3.4 miles may not sound like a whole lot, but when you are hiking those miles UP a rather large mountain, you definitely get out of breath!  It gives a new meaning to “buns of steel.”


The scenery was amazing.  It really doesn’t feel like a workout when you are surrounded by such beauty.



Larry and I are already making plans for our next trip!  It is such an easy, cheap, and exciting way to get away for the weekend!


The dogs have been zonked out ever since they got in the car for the trip home.

DSC02076  DSC02075

I am about to join them.  I know I will sleep like a baby tonight! 🙂


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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Food, Food, Fabulous Food

Today it is all about the food!  Since being on Spring Break, I have been able to put together some rather fabulous breakfasts and lunches at home. 

This morning I ate a bowl of Three Minute Carrot Breakfast Cake topped with 2%  FAGE Greek yogurt and drizzled with honey.  Pretty face rocking!


Lunch today was a Homemade Hummus sandwich.


Two Arnold’s Whole Wheat sandwich rounds, a couple tablespoons of a second batch of homemade hummus, leftover broiled zucchini, squash, and onions, and a heaping helping of sprouts.  YUM!

I may, or may not, have eaten this with two handfuls of Sun Chips.


For dinner tonight, Larry and I are going on a date.  ;)  He is leaving to go to the OBX tomorrow for a bachelor party, and I am headed up north to visit my family.  We thought we’d spend our last night together out on the town wining and dinning. 

I love these date nights.  It gives us the perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up and to try a new restaurant in the city.  I also like sitting at a candle lit table, sipping a glass of wine while we talk about…  well, everything.  It always reminds me of the dinners we ate while honeymooning in Jamaica

Sometimes it is difficult to pick restaurants that will suit both of our tastes.  Many chain restaurants do not carry vegetarian options other than salads.  Though salads can be rather tasty, sometimes a girl wants a gourmet meal that doesn’t involve lettuce!!!    Lately, we’ve been trying out different restaurants downtown.  These smaller restaurants typically provide a better variety on the menu, and I’m barely ever let down.  Heck, the chef at Book Binders even made me a special vegetarian pasta last summer! 

Because we don’t eat out very often, I do not hold back.  I indulge.  I never say no to the bread basket.  I almost always have a glass of wine (or two!).  And if the desserts look exceptionally awesome, I’m always game.  What’s life without a little fun, right?!?! 

I am going to take it easy today.  Do a little laundry folding (yes, I finally got to laundry!), watch some Netflix, and clean up some of this awful pollen!!!

Happy Almost Friday!!!!

What is your favorite way to spend a date night????


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!

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Adventures of a River Rat

Today was the best run I have had in a LONG time.  Maybe even the best run ever.  It wasn’t my fastest run, or the farthest, but it was by far the most fun!

Meg has become my running muse.  Not only has she become a running machine, but she also knows so many awesome routes to run! 

Today we ran the course from the James River 10K Scramble. 


As you can tell from the description below, this is not your typical 10K:

“The start is on Brown’s Island. Go under the Manchester Bridge and head east on the canal walk to 14th Street. Go right and across the river on 14th Street over the Mayo Island Bridge. Make a right on the Floodwall walkway and continue up the floodwall (where the best views are of downtown and the river) and under the Manchester Bridge. Here you will have to climb a series of very steep steps on the side of the old Manchester Bridge.  The runners will go up the stairs and across the bridge over the railroad tracks to the back-side of the new SunTrust Building and go under the Lee Bridge along Riverside Drive and go up to the 22nd Street pedestrian bridge and back to the river. Continue west along the gravel road to the James River Visitors Center.  Return on a series of trails back to the "dryway". Cross the "dryway" by rock hopping across the dry river bed to Belle Isle. Go up a steep trail and along the top of Belle Isle heading east and back down a major hill and then back across the footbridge to Tredegar Street and back east to finish on Brown’s Island.” (Source)

Here is a picture of the VERY STEEP STEPS :)  I had no idea how steep they were as I was climbing up!!!


This is how the rock hopping should have looked, but the river was so high that we couldn’t find a way across.

Text describing the image

We eventually found a foot bridge, and climbed a small mountain of rocks to the top :)  My buns got a great workout from all of the climbing today 🙂

Once across the river we were on Belle Isle.  The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. 

We visited a few historical markers along the way, and of course, I had to stop to read the signs.  I am my father’s daughter 😉

These rapids are appropriately named Hollywood Rapids.  Can you see Hollywood Cemetery on top of the river bank???   

We then sprinted across the suspension bridge back to our car, and drank loads of cold H2O.

Our total time out running today was 1 hour, 20 minutes.  We spent 53:05 of those minutes actually running, and the rest of the time was spent climbing steps, ramps, and rock mountains, reading historical makers, contemplating the best way across the river, and redirecting ourselves after being slightly lost at certain points.  It was a wonderful adventure! 🙂

I can truly say that I have finally reignited my relationship with running.  I think it’s important to point out that I didn’t do this on my own.  It took asking a friend for help.

Here are some important lessons I have learned this week:

1) Ask a friend for help in reaching your goals.

Whether it’s asking a friend to go on a long run with you, or asking their opinion of group classes at the gym, good friends will provide you with the support you need.  Working out with a buddy means that you have to stick to the agreed upon schedule, and can’t keep putting it off.  It also means you will have more fun!!!

2) Research alternatives for familiar routines.

For me, running had become a monotonous chore due to the fact that there are very few routes near my house that are conducive to  longer runs.  Looking up race routes provided me with new (and adventurous!) running paths that took away boredom and added excitement. 

Keeping it fresh means you won’t get bored.  Try a new running route, a new class at the gym, or buy a new workout DVD.  Constantly switch up your routine to avoid monotony.   

3)  Celebrate your successes!!!!  

There is a certain high that comes with accomplishment.  After running almost nine miles on Monday, I was feeling rather proud of myself!  I couldn’t wait to get back out on the road!!!

4) Have fun!!!

You do not have to set records every time you strap on your running shoes.  Exercise should be enjoyable!  Do you enjoy tennis or riding bikes?  How about swimming laps at the pool?  There is no law that says in order to call it a workout you have to spend 45 minutes on a treadmill people watching.  The important thing is that you move.  Do what you enjoy!  You will be more likely to stick with it!  :) 

I can’t help but feel great about my workouts this week.  I’ve run about 17 miles total, and have worked out every single day since Saturday.  The endorphins are running strong!  I feel great!

I think I’ll go for a short 3 mile run tomorrow and do some ab work  ;)  Now I’m off to finish my Chelsea Handler book that has me CRACKING UP!!!

How do you keep your workout routines fresh and exciting???


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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Just to Make You Laugh

So, remember last week when couldn’t find Lucy, and she was curled up in a pair of Larry’s sweatpants taking a nap???  Well, she has kicked it up a notch this time.

I came out of the bathroom just a few minutes ago to see this!


Somehow she had curled up in a pile of dirty clothes and came out wearing my favorite sports bra!  LMAO!!!!!


I seriously can not stop laughing.  What is with the clothes this week???  Maybe this is a sign that we need to do some laundry Eye-rolling

Here’s a video of her strutting her stuff!

It has been such a great day!  This totally topped it off!!! 

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to check out today’s earlier post about my longest ever 8.63 mile run today!!!!  I’m feeling ecstatic and pretty pleased with myself 🙂


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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Babies, Onesies, and Diaper Cakes

Yesterday I hosted my first ever baby shower.  I wanted desperately to make it a truly wonderful occasion for the mom-to-be.  She is one of the most thoughtful, caring, and spectacular friends a girl could ever have.  She has put together countless showers, including my own bridal shower, and always does so with such grace and poise. 

Though I may lack her same grace and poise, I think all in all it turned out rather nice.

There was a diaper cake that I can NOT take credit for.  My friend Gen (who is incredibly talented and artistic) put this masterpiece together.


There was food galore  (This was taken half way through stuffing our bellies full.  Note the homemade hummus in the center! 🙂 ),


Onsies decor,DSC01585




How many TP squares around do you think mamma is???  Hint: not very many! 

and plenty of presents for mamma and her soon to be bundle of joy!


Putting together a shower is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.  Thank goodness Mama Bush and Beth were there to help me!  This experience was amazingly rewarding, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!



I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, and that you found time to enjoy the beautiful weather with your family and loved ones. 🙂

Larry, the dogs, and I spent the entire day together, and it was wonderful! More on that tomorrow after my first ever 9 mile run!!!  This seems to be the week of first evers, huh?  🙂


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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