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Food and Your Mood

I love to eat!

I love to eat fruits and veggies and whole grains.  I love to eat ice cream and chocolate and cheese.  I look forward to meals.  I crave snacks.  And I savor every bite of scrumptious desserts.  Like I said, I LOVE to eat!

But some foods make me feel way better than other foods.  Sometimes I do not listen to my body, and I end up feeling crummy for the rest of the day, or sometimes for an entire evening.

Yesterday was one of those days.  As you may already know, I spent this weekend at my parents’ house.  I have four brothers who also love to eat.  Each one of my brothers is over 6 feet tall, and they each have a metabolism that should be studied by scientists

Because they are constantly in a state of “hunger,” my mom keeps the house stocked with every food imaginable.  She is a professional grocery shopper.  😉

I have a hard time resisting the temptation of many of these foods.  For instance, yesterday I started the day off with a piece of whole grain toast and peanut butter.  Then for lunch I had a cucumber and tomato sandwich, which doesn’t sound so bad; however,  I haven’t yet told you that I ate this with a huge helping of macaroni salad and a handful of Nilla Wafers. 

Not too, too awful yet, except I then proceeded to eat half a container of  spinach dip on Triscuits followed by a glass of Riesling. 

For dinner I ate a deliciously juicy portabella burger, and a WAY too big portion of, wait for it…

baked curly fries

I was definitely not hungry anymore when I ate a NO PUDGE brownie topped with French vanilla ice cream.

I do not have anything against any of the above mentioned foods. Everything I ate yesterday was delicious.  But at the end of the day I felt AWFUL.  Indulgence can sometimes be good, but indulging all day long is not.

I try very hard to follow a balanced approach to eating.  I try to eat clean, wholesome foods that are close to the source, but I do not turn down a birthday cupcake, or a helping of curly fries if that is what my body is craving.  I do not forbid myself from eating any one particular food

However, my experience yesterday led me to reflect on how important it is to listen to my body.  I need to pay better attention to how certain foods make me feel when I am finished eating.  I loved the taste of the spinach dip yesterday, and I could not stop eating it.  However, when I was finished, I felt sluggish and my stomach felt full and bloated.  I do not mean full like satisfied full, but full like I was ready to burst full. 

In her cookbook Clean Food, Terry Walters encourages readers to keep a food journal.  Not a journal where you record the calories and fat for every morsel that enters your mouth, but a journal that documents what you ate throughout the day and your emotional and physical outcomes.  By keeping a detailed journal like this, you may be able to track patterns and make positive changes for a more healthful life.

I certainly know that endless amounts of spinach dip led to an hour long nap and further indulgences throughout the evening.  I think I’ll avoid such copious amounts next time!       

The plan for today is to eat as clean as possible.  I think I’m going to try my hand at making Veggie Burgers That are Actually Made from Real Veggies for dinner tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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Food, Food, Fabulous Food

Today it is all about the food!  Since being on Spring Break, I have been able to put together some rather fabulous breakfasts and lunches at home. 

This morning I ate a bowl of Three Minute Carrot Breakfast Cake topped with 2%  FAGE Greek yogurt and drizzled with honey.  Pretty face rocking!


Lunch today was a Homemade Hummus sandwich.


Two Arnold’s Whole Wheat sandwich rounds, a couple tablespoons of a second batch of homemade hummus, leftover broiled zucchini, squash, and onions, and a heaping helping of sprouts.  YUM!

I may, or may not, have eaten this with two handfuls of Sun Chips.


For dinner tonight, Larry and I are going on a date.  ;)  He is leaving to go to the OBX tomorrow for a bachelor party, and I am headed up north to visit my family.  We thought we’d spend our last night together out on the town wining and dinning. 

I love these date nights.  It gives us the perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up and to try a new restaurant in the city.  I also like sitting at a candle lit table, sipping a glass of wine while we talk about…  well, everything.  It always reminds me of the dinners we ate while honeymooning in Jamaica

Sometimes it is difficult to pick restaurants that will suit both of our tastes.  Many chain restaurants do not carry vegetarian options other than salads.  Though salads can be rather tasty, sometimes a girl wants a gourmet meal that doesn’t involve lettuce!!!    Lately, we’ve been trying out different restaurants downtown.  These smaller restaurants typically provide a better variety on the menu, and I’m barely ever let down.  Heck, the chef at Book Binders even made me a special vegetarian pasta last summer! 

Because we don’t eat out very often, I do not hold back.  I indulge.  I never say no to the bread basket.  I almost always have a glass of wine (or two!).  And if the desserts look exceptionally awesome, I’m always game.  What’s life without a little fun, right?!?! 

I am going to take it easy today.  Do a little laundry folding (yes, I finally got to laundry!), watch some Netflix, and clean up some of this awful pollen!!!

Happy Almost Friday!!!!

What is your favorite way to spend a date night????


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!

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Q&A and Eat What You May

Since starting this blog I’ve received a lot of questions.  But one question really struck me today, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

One of my BEAUTIFUL co-workers quietly asked me during lunch today, “How do you do it?”

This question struck me, because I don’t feel like I do anything special, or out of the ordinary. 

I am NO angel.Angel

As a matter of fact, yesterday I didn’t work out for the second day in a row, and I gorged myself with a cookie at lunch, two cinnamon squares after work (they  were very small… I swear!), and a piece of Whitman’s chocolate before bed.  Yesterday was a very long, and very indulgent day.

I confess that quite often I have very little self control.  If it is there, I will eat it.  If there are French fries on the menu, I’m ordering them.  And if a student brings me a homemade cupcake for their birthday, 9 times out of 10 I am going to eat it. 

I believe in eating clean 98% of the time, staying active, and living a little!  What is a world without French fries and birthday cupcakes???!!!

If you deprive your body and mind of what it wants, you’ll just want it more and more and more!  You will make yourself miserable!

I have a “happy weight” where my clothes fit their best, where I don’t feel like I have to constantly suck in my gut, and where I feel the most confident.  As soon as my clothes begin to feel snug, or I find myself slouching with a pooch hanging out, I know that I’ve overindulged, and it’s time to readjust my workouts and eating habits. 

However, I find it’s easiest to maintain this happy, healthy weight rather than waiting for it to become a problem so that I then have to drop a few pounds. 

My secret weapon: exercise. 

Not only does exercise make me feel good, but I’ve found that it is the best way to allow myself those indulgences without any negative consequences.  And it almost always makes me feel better. 

Take this evening for example.  I stayed at work until around 5, and I didn’t really feel very well.  My throat has been hurting all week, and I have been feeling super exhausted. 

Sounds like the perfect night to skip a workout and hole up on the couch, right? 

I seriously dreaded working out all the way home, but I knew I had to work out.  The first 5 minutes of any workout are always the hardest for me.  So, I gave myself a five minute punk out card.  If after five minutes, I still didn’t want to work out, I had full “permission” to stop without any guilt.

But guess what?!?!?  I felt great after I got moving and could feel my muscles working and my lungs filling with oxygen.  This is seriously one of the best feelings in the world.  Endorphins are no joke, my friends!

I guess what I am trying to say in this long rambling post is, I know what makes me feel good and I stick to it.  I try not to over think it (although Larry may disagree), and I try to stick to as healthy of a diet as possible so that when I do want to indulge, I can. 

I know I feel best when I eat healthy and exercise.  But this doesn’t mean that I am a saint!  ;) 

So, my advice would be this:

  • Pick what makes you feel good and stick to it!!!  But remember that this is different for everyone.  What makes me happy may make you miserable! 
  • Allow yourself indulgences without guilt.  Life is only as tasty as you make it!

When do you feel your best?  What challenges do you face that prevent you from always feeling your best, and how do you overcome these challenges? 

PS…  I would really love for you to leave comments below!  We can learn so much from one another!  Feel free to share! 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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Snow, Sweat, and SUPER BOWL

We woke this morning to a glorious sight.

DSC01119 DSC01116

Everything was covered in a white blanket of snow.  Icicles hung from the eaves of every building, and tree branches hung low, bowing under the weight of the freshly fallen snow and ice.  And all of this was against a backdrop of the bluest sky we’ve seen in weeks.

For the second day in a row, we woke early and made breakfast.  Today we had omelets and Ezekiel toast.  DSC01121 


Larry had a three egg omelet with spinach and mozzarella.  He also ate the leftover steak from last night’s dinner.




I had an egg white omelet with spinach, mozzarella and a fair amount of freshly cracked pepper.  Oh, and two warm Morning Star sausage links. 



After eating breakfast, we went straight to the gym.  We rode silently down the road in amazement.  I could not stop staring out the window admiring the snow dusted woods along the highway. 


I don’t think we even realized that we hadn’t spoken a single word during the entire trip until we pulled into the gym’s parking lot.    

But once we were there, we got right to business.  I love working out at the gym on Sunday mornings.  There is never a huge crowd, and we usually don’t have major plans on Sundays, so there is no need to rush.

Here’s our workout from today.  As you can tell we focused on shoulders and traps.

Followed by a 35 Minutes Walk/Run on Treadmill:

  • 5 minutes walking at incline 10% and 3.5 mph,
  • 5 minutes running at 0% incline and 6.0 mph,
  • 5 minutes walking at 15% incline and 3.5 mph,
  • 5 minutes running at 0% incline and 6.2 mph,
  • 5 minutes walking at 15% incline and 3.5 mph,
  • 5 minutes running at 0% incline and 6.5-7.5 mph,
  • 5 minutes walking at 15% incline and 3.5 mph,
  • 5 minute treadmill programmed cool down

We felt great after that intense workout!  We went home and the first thing I did was refuel!

I mixed leftover salad from last night with a few leftover baked tofu cubes and a smidge of Annie’s Goddess Dressing.  It was a fantastic combination!

DSC01123I then made a little dessert snack to go with it. 


     1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese

+ 1/4 cup granola

+  sprinkle of cinnamon

= yummity-yum-yum!

I will definitely remember this for the future!

I felt pretty exhausted after our intense workout, so after I showered up, put on my cozy fleece pants, and blow dried my hair (for the first time in a week!), I curled up on the couch and continued reading Percy Jackson.  What can I say?  Children’s Literature is my forte! 😉

After a few hours of lounging on the couch, I did get up to make some super bowl snacks for our fantastically fabulous Super Bowl Party of 2 (plus 2 dogs!).  None of which was healthy 😉



Baked Mushroom Poppers with a rosemary sour cream sauce, spinach dip, a sausage, cream cheese, and rotel tomato dip, and multi-grain corn chips.

Everything in moderation my friends.  Everything in moderation!

What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?   

And don’t forget!  It’s not too late to vote on your favorite Bridesmaid Dress for Beth’s Wedding!


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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