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Weather, Work and Politics

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!

The weather looks a whole lot better than what they were calling for today. 


I’m starting to think that being a meteorologist is the way to go.  You get paid to guess at the weather, and you don’t even have to be right! ;)  Thursday they were calling for it to be 73 degrees with scattered showers.  Last night they were saying it would be cloudy and raining on and off all day.  Now:



Hopefully it will stay this way and Larry and I can go to our new pool for the first time!  ;)  We went running by it the other day and watched the swim team practice.  I can’t wait!

I want to take a minute to explain why I haven’t been posting every day the past few weeks.  At first I wanted to apologize, but then I realized that a simple explanation might do

I love to write this blog.  It has brought me so much happiness.  I have a more positive outlook in life and feel less stressed (most of the time!).  It  has been therapeutic for me.

This being said, there are some days, after a long day of work and daily to-dos, that posting would just be stretching myself too thin. On those days, I have to make a choice.  Some of those days I choose to write, and I feel myself relax, and I’m happy I did it.  However, on others, I choose to relax with Larry and take a day off.  That feels pretty good, too!

This week was SOL testing week, and work was pretty crazy.  Have you ever tried to keep a class of 22 eight  year olds silent for 3 hours, five days a week???  Talk about exhausting! 

Thank goodness testing is over now, and we can go back to a somewhat normal routine.  My goal is to get the kids outside as much as possible.  We are going to do a lot of Project Learning Tree lessons.  These kids need to be outside in nature, moving and being active.  Not stuck in a classroom, being silent, and filling in tiny little bubbles for hours on end.  I could go on and on about the demise of public education in America, but I won’t bore you with politics today 😉

Today I plan on going for a 5 mile run, followed by a thorough house cleaning, Target trip, and possibly a little Memorial Day sale perusing at the mall.  When Larry gets home we are going to the pool and then out to get some sushi :) 

Anyone know of any great sales happening this weekend? 

Happy Saturday!  Drink Responsibly and Wear Sunscreen!!! 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!



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100th Post!!!!

At this very moment, you are reading Happy Heart, Happy Mind’s 100th post!  Can you believe it?  It seems like only yesterday I was contemplating sharing my words with the public.  I had no idea how to blog, or exactly what a blog was.  I didn’t know what I’d write about, or if people would even want to read anything I had to say.

youre_reading_the_100th_post_life[1] [Source]

The past five months has been a wonderful journey.  I have learned so much, and have gained a sense of happiness and well being that far exceeds any of my initial expectations.

I woke up this morning wondering what I should write about today.  A 100th post is monumental, right? 

Well, I’ve never worked well under that kind of pressure, so I decided to simply reflect on the ways that writing 100 posts of Happy Heart, Happy Mind has  impacted my life.

Writing every day has helped me to become a better teacher of writing.

One of the major reasons I began this blog was to become a better model for my students.  I make them write every day, and I do not allow them to say, “I don’t have anything to write about.”

We all have something to say.  Even I do. 

By writing every day, I have been able to share the strategies, triumphs and struggles of my own authorship.  I think more like a writer and I am able to share this with them.

I also think they are a bit impressed that their teacher actually writes something other than homework assignments and report card comments! 😉

I have become a major goal setter.

Writing every day about eating healthy, exercising, and keeping a happy mind has required me to constantly think about the next step.  I don’t want to write about the same thing every day, just like you don’t want to read about the same thing every day.

Since beginning this blog I have set goals for getting more sleep, running farther distances, saving money, lifting weights, staying positive, and being more creative  to name just a few.

It’s like my very own self-improvement project 🙂

I’ve helped a few people along the way.

Although I started this blog for somewhat personal reasons, I’ve found that my experiences have actually helped others to make healthier choices.  I’ll never forget the first time a co-worker told me that she had lost weight because the blog inspired her to eat “cleaner” and to get more exercise.  What an amazing feeling!

I’m a bit calmer.

I have been known by some to be quite the spaz.  I tend to get nervous and anxious when stress gets to be too much.  However, I’ve noticed that taking the time to focus on writing about my day, my thoughts, my feelings, and my experiences causes me to spaz out just a little less.  ;

I don’t worry as much.  I fall asleep faster at night, and I have less negative internal chatter

I take more pictures.

Before beginning HH, HM, I always forgot my camera.  The framed pictures in my house almost never changed, because I simply did not have any pictures to replace them with. 

My favorite blogs have beautiful pictures and are so eye catching.  The flow of pictures and words makes them easy and enjoyable to read.  I knew that I wanted to emulate this style of blogging. 

Now I take my camera everywhere in hopes of catching a just right shot for my next post. 




Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get around to changing out a few framed photos soon 😉

I could probably go on and on forever about what a wonderful and fulfilling experience this has been, but in truth, it is knowing I have readers that makes this all worth while.  So, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, ideas, and anecdotes. 

Here’s to the next 100 posts!  🙂


Do you have any requests for future posts?  I would LOVE to do a reader’s request post.  Please send me your questions and ideas by leaving a comment below or emailing me at JenSanders52 at comcast dot net! 


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!

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10 Things to Learn on a Monday

Here are the top ten things I learned today in descending order:

10) A week of eating whatever you want, and working out minimally may mean extra pounds added to the scale!  Who knew?!?! 😉

Last week I had a series of headaches and stomachaches that kept me (sadly) from working out more than 2 days.  I also ate whatever I wanted with no limits.  This morning I weighed myself and I have packed on an extra 3 pounds to my usual morning weight.


It’s not that I am not worried about these few extra pounds, but it definitely made me shake my head in amazement.  It is so hard to loose and to maintain your body weight, but oh, so very easy to pack those pounds on! 

I know that this just means I need to step up the workouts, and to be a little extra careful about what I eat this week.  Trust me, those s’mores were worth every last bite.  Even the burnt bites 😉

9) Third graders can not be expected to remember what they learned last month, let alone what they learned in Kindergarten!!!

Today we took the practice SOLs, which are Virginia’s standardized assessments (fitting name, right?!).  I was utterly shocked by what these kids were asked to remember. 

Third grade is the first year that students in VA take these standardized tests, and they are cumulative for everything they have learned since kindergarten!!!!  I have quite a few students in my class that can barely remember what they had for breakfast, much less what they learned the first week of kindergarten! 


The amount of pressure these kiddies are under is unbelievable!  I mean do you know the three types of soil, or the actual names for the phases of the moon?  How about the transportation, homes, climate, and jobs of the First Americans (Native Americans) who lived in the Eastern Woodlands, Great Plains, or the Southwest?  Anyone???  Anyone???   

8) There is no better way to drink a Green Monster than to drink it made with fresh fruit.


This morning I used leftover fruit salad to make a Green Monster.  The flavor of this monster far surpassed that of  any I have ever made with frozen fruit.  ‘Nuff said 😉

7) I am disappointed when a thunderstorm ends.

I love a good thunderstorm.  There is a kind of excitement that fills every inch of my being when a storm is on the way.  I love the power and the sheer exhilaration of watching Mother Nature take her course.  Of wind whipping and trees bending.  Of rain pounding and thunder roaring it mighty rumble.

Today we could see the storm clouds rolling in from the North.  They were thick and black.  Thunderous.

We rushed the kids to the busses just in time.  As soon as we were safe under cover, the sky broke and lightening lit the sky with bright brilliant streaks.  Thunder rumbled its low grumble. 

But just as soon as it started, it was over.  The excitement was gone, and it was back to the usual paper grading and e-mail answering.  Maybe we’ll get another good one tonight.  I do hear the wind picking up! 😉

6) Target has very cute journals made of recycled paper. 


5) Buying said journal makes me want to write instead of clean!

4)  Mary’s Crackers are the perfect companion to 365 Organic Peach Mango Salsa.   DSC02083

3) I hate to fold laundry.

I do not mind washing and drying clothes.  But I absolutely, positively, with every ounce of my being hate folding clothes and putting them away. 


2) Lucy does not like to have her teeth brushed.

Lucy has incredibly stinky breath, and is starting to show signs of buildup along her gum line.  I’ve never done this for any dog I have ever owned in my entire life, but today I bought Lucy her very own toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Although this would have been a hilarious picture to post, Lucy was not allowing any photographs to be taken during her embarrassing teeth cleaning!

And number one on my Top Ten Things to Learn on a Monday Countdown!!!!

( Drum roll, please!)

1) Our new laptop is in and ready to picked up from Fed Ex.

Tonight at an undisclosed time, I am rushing going to drive the speed limit to our local Fed Ex store to pick her up!  I can not wait! 

The next time you read Happy Heart, Happy Mind, who knows where I may have typed it!!!  Maybe in the bedroom?  Maybe on the back patio??  Maybe at the library???    There’s just no telling!  The sky is the limit!

I hope you had an enlightening Monday!


magnolia Remember, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!!!


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